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Are Ceiling Fan Light Kits Interchangeable? – Truth about Light Kits

These light kits in ceiling fans need to be changed from time to time. This ensures that they are always providing the illumination that is required continuously.

But the biggest question is if these light kits are interchangeable?

We are here to provide useful information concerning the replacement of ceiling fan light kits. Continue reading for further information.


How to Find a Compatible Light Kit for Ceiling Fans?

A light kit is among the accessories included in a ceiling fan. Just like any other product in the market, you can choose many light kits.

However, it isn’t easy to choose one that matches your needs. The following are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for a light kit.

  • Brand

Primarily, brands should be your guide. Very few brands produce universal ceiling fans. Most brands manufacture light kits that are only compatible with their ceiling fans.

Additionally, every ceiling fan has a unique feature that differs from the other fans in the market. You ought to stick to one brand to make sure the light kit is compatible with the fan.

  • Take a look at the light kit

If you desire to change the light kit of your fan, you should take a close look at the light kit. Some ceiling fans are harmonious with a universal light kit.

These ceiling fans light kits feature a circular base through which they are screwed to the fan. It is, therefore, possible to remove them from the fans.

You have to be sure the universal light kit will fit in flush with the ceiling fan before purchase.

  • Requirements for the illumination

If you want to use this light kit as the only source of light for the entire room, you need to find one with high light intensity. This will provide sufficient light to every corner of the room.

The light produced is measured in lumens. Eight hundred lumens will offer you enough light to illuminate the room. This is equivalent to a 60-watt bulb.

However, you do not need to think about watts anymore. LED light bulbs have a low watt of about 4 to 6 watts. They still produce bright enough light to suffice your entire room.

  • Places to use

Light kits, like fans, can be used indoors and outdoors. They exist in three wet settings: dry, damp, and wet. Dry, as the name suggests, should not be exposed to moisture.

Therefore, it is used indoors only in your study room, bedroom, and sitting room. Damp-rated light kits can handle a little bit of moisture. They are used in ceiling fans on the patio and gazebo.

Wet rated ones can handle more moisture. These will not be affected by rain in the open patio and decks.

  • Purposes

You sometimes may need a light kit to match your décor. Ensure that the kit is beautiful and is an ideal fit for the ceiling fan and decoration.

You indeed should not have a vintage light kit in a modern design fan.

are ceiling fan light kits interchangeable


Brands of Light Kits for an Ideal Pick

Many brands are available in the market tailored just for you. This article has compiled a few brands you need to consider the next time you go shopping.

  • Hunter light kits

Hunter brand produces light kits that are universal to their ceiling fans. Please note that they are only adaptable to Hunter brand fans. You will want to stick to a Hunter brand light kit if you own a Hunter ceiling fan.

The brand produces many light kits of high-quality, stylish, and durable. You will never exhaust the styles available at your disposal.


  • Craftmade light kits

You cannot have a conversation about universal light kits without mentioning Craftmade light kits. This brand has its line of universal light kits.

Craftmade makes model-specific light kits to match your ceiling fan. Besides, the universal light kits fit flush with your existing ceiling fans. This makes installation and replacement easy. Isn’t that beautiful?


  • Casablanca light kits

If you are that person who loves unique things, then Casablanca is the best for you. This brand does not like mixing and matching its products with other products. They provide you a variety of light kits to choose from. You should stick to the brand if you have their fan.


  • Emerson light kits

Talk about universal light kits, talk about the Emerson brand. It is easy to replace your light fixtures now. Emerson builds a wide range of universal light kits that you can use in most fan models. Like all other brands, you should stick to the brand for both the light and ceiling fan for a flawless style and color matching.


  • Fanimation light kit

Fanimation can be both universal and unique. Almost all their ceiling fans accept a universal light kit except for a few. You can easily add or replace a lighting kit to an existing ceiling fan.

Some kits, however, need to be complemented to their ceiling fan models. Fanimation has made this easy by having a fan model name for every equivalent light kit.


  • Monte Carlo light kit

Monte Carlo brand allows you to replace a modern light kit with a traditional light kit if you wish. All their light kits are universal.

You can buy a light kit to match your current ceiling fan without distressing about the model.


  • Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze light kits

Hampton Bay and Harbor Breeze are household brands in the business of ceiling fans.

These brands manufacture light kits compatible with their respective models and other brands that use the same light kit base.


How Do You Install a Light Kit on an Existing Ceiling Fan?

Fans come in many designs. Some are without light, while others have a light kit. If your fan lacks a light kit, but you need to install one, don’t worry. These simple steps might help you establish your light kit without replacing the fan.

First, you need to determine whether you can add a light kit to the fan.

  • Step 1:

Turn off the light and check the bottom of the ceiling fan to assess if it has a housing cap. This is the part where your light will go.

  • Step 2:

Look for wires inside the housing, as this is where you will attach the kit. The presence of wires indicates that you can assemble your kit.

  • Step 3:

Take measurements of the attachment point to determine the size of the light kit you need.

  • Step 4:

To attach the light kit, you need to unscrew the cap housing the wires.

  • Step 5:

Using nuts, connect the light’s wires to the fan’s wires. Make sure that the wires match.

  • Step 6:

Screw the light kit in place.

  • Step 7:

Mount the light bulb, the glass shade, and pull chain to operate the light.

  • Step 8:

Switch the lights back on after finishing the installation. Check whether your light kit is operational.



1. Can you replace the light kit on a ceiling fan?

The answer can be yes and no.

It is possible to replace the light kit on many ceiling fans. Replacing the existing light with a new one will bring a different look to your design.

However, replacing light equipment entirely depends on the brand and model of the fan.

There are those brands that make their light kits universal. With these, you can easily replace the kit with a different brand you prefer.

Conversely, some brands like Casablanca and Hunter make light kits uniquely designed to fix their models.

You are recommended to stick with the same brand. This ensures that your light kit is perfect, compatible, and mostly the style and finish of your ceiling fan matches with it completely.

2. Should I choose universal light kits for my existing ceiling fan, and why?

You can consider having a universal light kit for your existing fan since they are universal for particular bases. Any fan that has a similar base, be it old or modern, will easily accept it.

The versatile light kits work with many ceiling fans. It would help if you took this opportunity to replace your old light kit with a more energy-efficient universal light kit.

This will help reduce your cost and conserve the environment. Universal light kits mostly come with LED bulbs as their source of light.

ceiling fan mounting kit



With this article, you now know the best brand to purchase, features you need in your light kits, and how to install a light kit in your existing ceiling fan.

Now, you can interchange your old light kit with a new light kit that is energy efficient.

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