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Best 3 Blade Ceiling Fan 2021

It has proven to be difficult to select the best option for your house when you go out shopping for ceiling fans. But the number of blades a fan should have is a good point to start. Today we are going to talk about a 3 blades ceiling fan.

For all your convenience and benefits, we have done researches about the factors you may consider when choosing, and give you some recommendations on some of the best products in the market. Continue reading and get the information you need!

green three-bladed ceiling fan


When Do You Need a 3 Blade Ceiling Fan?

You can safely bet that your ceiling fan will work well in your home if you pick 3, 4, or 5 blades, however, there are instances where the 3 bladed-ceiling fan works the best.

– Need speed

When a fan has fewer blades, the motor normally has less resistance. This implies that it can move faster and more effectively while moving enough air, therefore, more ventilation and stronger wind chill effect.

– Need a wind chill effect

A three-bladed motor turns faster than a four or five-bladed one. This speed will in turn mean more wind chill effect making you feel cooler.

– Industrial needs

3 blades ceiling fan in the wallet appears to be kinder. With a complex blade balance, they are aesthetically appealing too.

With fewer components and their high-speed motor, three-blades ceiling fans take less energy to spin. As they are lighter, therefore, suitable for industrial as they produce greater airflow.

best three-bladed indoor ceiling fan


Why You Should Choose a 3-bladed Ceiling Fan?

Generally, most ceiling fans are designed for great comfort, however, there exist some differences between these fans in terms of the number of blades. You should consider having a three-bladed fan due to the following reasons:

  • Contemporary look

When buying a fan, beauty may not be your top priority, but that does not mean you should not love the way your fan looks. A three-blade fan has a new, classic look that creates a simple and attractive look in your decor.

For fans that are used in a small retail area, such as a cafe or coffeehouse, the design appeal is particularly important, a simple designed 3-bladed ceiling fan can add a sleekness for modern style places.

  • Less noise

Work can be interrupted in a room with older traditional ceiling fans because of noise. Off balances in these traditional fans are the main cause of noise generation.

A current generation of 3-bladed ceiling fan has a system of self-balancing and blades that float under the motor as one unit.

This three-blade self-balancing fan is much quieter than other alternatives, which is vital if it is to be installed in a workplace, classroom, or other environments where silence is important.

  • Energy efficient

Simple physics informs us that less energy would be needed to rotate a fan with fewer parts. A 3 blade ceiling fan does not use as much energy as other fans with more blades because the fan is lighter, which translates to fewer energy bills.

3 blades ceiling fan for large rooms


How to Pick the Best 3 Blade Ceiling Fan?

Too many things need to be considered such as size and the blade width. You need not worry anymore for we are here to offer you a guide on what to consider the next time you go shopping.

1. Speed control

A remote, pull chain, or a wall switch are the three key types of speed controls. Some remote controls are extremely user-friendly and offer you a wide range of choices and programs for customization.

2. Design and decoration

Most fans now offer people enormous decoration options. Compared to other varieties, a 3 blade ceiling fan usually considered a great choice for modern or industrial style rooms as it looks more simple in appearance.

However, a three-blade ceiling fan also exists in different forms in terms of the blade and the fan design, to meet your preferences.

3. Fan size

One can buy small ceiling fans for small rooms and big ceiling fans for large rooms, as the saying goes. More than just keeping you cool, the right size ceiling fan can do more, it can save you cash as well. Some of the perfect sizes are:

  • 36-inch

It is possible to consider the 36-inch ceiling fan as the perfect smallest size. It is designed for rooms of less than 75 square feet for perfect airflow.

  • 42-inch

This is one of the finest sizes of ceiling fans to think. The 42-inch ceiling fan is built for spaces between 76 and 144 square feet. This fan specifically has an airflow of 1000-3000 CFM, which is an optimal airflow in such a room.

  • 44-inch

You can consider choosing a 44-inch three-blades ceiling fan for your room. This fan is built for rooms with an area of 144-225 square feet.

  • 52-inch

It is typically intended for wide spaces with an area of 225-400 square feet.

For optimum comfort, this fan comes with a CFM rating of 2300-5000, which is perfect for a lighting kit, these fans use a remote control system. The remote control makes it easy for you to adjust the speed and brightness of the fan for customized comfort.

the size of the fan

4. Accessories and materials

There are different accessories of three-bladed ceiling fans. Some of them are in the following.

  • With lights

These fans have a lighting kit installed in them. If the place you are mounting the fan needs lighting, then this is the best fit for you. It is also energy-saving and adds style to your room as well.

Lighting sources that can be used in these ceiling fans are typically Halogen and LED lights, which have different rates of energy consumption.

We recommend those who want to save more energy choose LED lights, and if you have a demand for bright illumination, Halogen lights will be better than other types.

  • Wood blades

These are 3-bladed ceiling fans made of wood, or consisting of wooden parts and finishes. These fans are generally suitable for indoor use since wood is a vulnerable material that can greatly be affected during harsh weather conditions. Wood finishes tend to be more stylish improving the style of these fans.

  • Brushed nickel blades

Brushed nickel has a long-lasting finish that will ensure the blades remain trendy for years to come. These blades will add style to your room decor making it more beautiful.


Trustworthy Brands

When Talking about the best 3 blade ceiling fan, popular brands are always linked to quality. Five brands stand out from others due to their high quality. We give each of them a short introduction so you can have a rough conception of these brands.

a). Hunter

Hunter Fan Company indoor outdoor quality ceiling fans

Ceiling fans are not a one-size-fits-all buy. For all room sizes ranging from 100 to over 400 square feet, Hunter makes an ideal 3-blade ceiling fan for you.

Hunter’s ceiling fans feature SIMPLEconnect technology that allows you to monitor remotely all the fans from your smartphone in your home. Hunter fans undergo rigorous testing before they ever get to you, to provide you with the best product possible.

Hunter manufactures three-blade outdoor ceiling fans that are tailored to withstand both the outdoor and indoor environment without sacrificing designer elegance and good airflow.

b). Hampton Bay

famous brand Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan

These days, good ventilation and excellent cooling are mandatory for homes. Hampton Bay Fans provide you with all of these. In rooms of up to 400 square feet, these ceiling fans are designed with different sizes to fit in all room sizes.

Hampton Ceiling Fans add an enticing look to your interior design as well, while in terms of performance and efficiency, they are the best rivals on the market.

The brand has a high guarantee of its fans, therefore, if you get any issue with your ceiling fan during the warranty period, you can have free repair.


panasonic indoor outdoor 3-bladed ceiling fan

Panasonic Ceiling Fans blend advanced technology with exquisite contemporary designs. The company manufactures fans that provide you with an impressive degree of silence with full airflow.

Their three blade ceiling fans have a motor control of up to five speeds with improved safety features. These fans are also inexpensive and give you a high-quality performance.

The Panasonic brand manufactures fans with strong high-speed motors for all room sizes, which provides a very powerful airflow that keeps your room cool and ventilated throughout.


Westinghouse quality ceiling fan for modern style rooms

The 3 blade ceiling fan from Westinghouse has been produced with a blend of modern technology and artistic designs to make them stand out. The fans are less costly and effective performance is guaranteed.

Westinghouse uses a vast of materials from wood to metal in making their blades while designing them in various shapes for decoration. The 3 blades ceiling fans range in sizes and mount options making it easy for you to choose one that best fits your ceiling.

e). MinkaMinka bedroom ceiling fan three blades

Minka brand manufactures 3 blades ceiling fans in different sizes to cater to all rooms and also manufactures both indoor and outdoor fans which are of great quality and also reliable.

The three-bladed fans provide different mounting options. The brand produces fans with a reversible DC motor, which is capable of having a maximum airflow of over 5320 CFM, for optimum performance.

The remote control can also be used on the fans allowing you to adjust the speed and brightness from the comfort of your couch or bed.

The motor of these three-bladed ceiling fans has a lifetime warranty, hence, assured of a high-quality motor, while the LED lights have a full one-year warranty together with the other parts.


Differences Between 3-Blade and 5-Blade Ceiling Fan

Depending on what you are looking for, each fan has its greatest advantage.

3 Blades Ceiling Fan5 Blades Ceiling Fan
Stronger motor, stronger chill feelingGentle and consistent breeze
Can have some small noisesQuieter
Energy savingLess energy efficient


How to balance a 3 blade ceiling fan?

The sound of a wobbly ceiling fan does not have to ruin your day of peace or compel you to go out and just buy a brand new fan, while within a few steps, you can balance it.

The most common cause of a wobbly ceiling fan is dust. Dust collects on the blades unevenly, making some heavier than others and throwing the whole business off-balance.

Step 1: Climb a ladder with the fan off and the blades fully still, and take a moist rag to clean both sides of each rotor. After drying, give the fan a spin to see if the bee has solved the problem.

Step 2: The trigger of unbalancing may also be loose screws. To see if the problem is fixed, tighten each screw with a screwdriver.

Step 3: You can measure the length of each blade from the middle using a ruler. Softly bend the blade holder physically up or down to flatten it, if any of the numbers do not add up.


Best 3 Blade Ceiling Fan Reviews

1. Best Stylish: Hunter Sentinel 52-inch Indoor 3 Blades Ceiling Fan with LED and Remote

intelligen 3-bladed ceiling fan for indoor use

Optimize the airflow in your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or lounge with the help of the Sentinel Indoor Ceiling Fan. It is ETL certified and best suited for indoor environments.

The fan has 2-inch down rods that enable you to install it from the proper distance from the ceiling. Also, it has a multi-speed reversible fan motor.

The blades are interchangeable from the updraft mode during the winter to the downdraft mode during the summer. As a result, this fan can maintain cool spaces during the summer and warm spaces during the winter.

  • Highlights:

* Stylish appearance

  • This fan features an LED light covered by a cased white glass to keep your home inspired.
  • Additionally, the fan features simple clean lines with a premium finish to enhance your home’s décor.

LED light kit

  • This ceiling fan comes with an LED light bulb. This bulb provides you with full control of the ambiance and lighting to keep your home illuminated.
  • The LED bulbs have a longer lifespan than traditional bulbs.
  • Also, they are energy efficient and fully dimmable to provide full control of the illumination.

*Remote controllable

  • Easy to operate, this fan comes with a handheld remote. You can use the remote to adjust the ceiling fan’s speed or the ceiling lights’ brightness.
  • The remote has a good range to let you operate the fan and lights from any location in the room.
  • Also, it comes with a wall-mounted cradle for its storage.

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2. Best Overall: Hunter Leoni 48-inch Multi-Speed Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motor

Overall great ceiling fan from Hunter fan company

The Leoni Indoor Ceiling Fan is a modern ceiling fan that will keep your space looking current and inspired. It is a contemporary chandelier fan that fits any modern décor.

It is suitable for use in spaces with 9 feet ceilings. The ceiling fan comes with a universal handheld remote for easy adjustment of the light’s brightness and the ceiling fan’s speed.

  • Highlights:

*Ultra-powerful and quiet motor

  • The reversible and powerful motor enables the fan’s blade to change the direction from the downdraft mode during the summer to the updraft mode during the winter. Thus, you can be sure to keep your rooms cool during the summer and warm during the winter.

*Dimmable LED bulbs

  • The kit comprises LED light bulbs. The LEDs have a longer lifespan while compared to traditional bulbs.
  • They are energy efficient and fully dimmable for total control of the ambiance.

*Height adjustable

  • The Hunter Leoni is a height-adjustable 3-blade ceiling fan that comes with 3” and 2” down rods.
  • It also includes a 3-position mounting system. Using it, you can provide a low, standard, or angled mounting of the ceiling fan.

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3. The Quietest: Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Style 3 Blades White Ceiling Fan

modern design three-bladed ceiling fan

The Westinghouse lighting industrial style 3 blades white ceiling fan is a high-performance 3-blade indoor ceiling fan and it is designed for cooling large work areas and living spaces.

You can get it for commercial, industrial, and residential applications. The fan should be hung at least 10’ above the floor for the best cooling performance.

  • Highlights:

*Ideal for large rooms

  • It is a 56-inch ceiling fan best suited for large rooms up to 400square feet. The fan derives its power from a high-powered motor, which enables it to deliver a high-speed airflow of 5973cfm at an airflow efficiency of 96cfm per watt.

*Easy to install

  • This fan comes with a down rod, lead wire, a 5-speed wall control unit, and a ball hanger installation system.

*Modern style

  •  It features a clean white finish to enhance style. Still, the fan integrates white steel blades for style and durability.

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4. Best with Pull Chains: Hunter Fan Company 52-inch Matte Black Speed-adjustable Ceiling FanHunter modern look 3 blades black ceiling fan with pull chains

This Hunter 52-inch matte black pull chains ceiling fan is suitable for rooms with ceiling heights ranging from 9 feet to 11 feet.

It includes a whisper-quiet motor, thus an ideal option for those who want to get a good night’s sleep.

Also, the fan highlights grey walnut stripe reversible blades that enhance the design of the interior décor.

  • Highlights:

*Multi-speed fan

  • This is a multi-speed 3 blade ceiling fan. Fitted with a pull chain control, the fan is easy to put on or off, while you can also use the pull chain to adjust the speed.


  • The fan is ETL damp rated. It can withstand moisture, thus an ideal choice for covered patios, sunrooms, patios, and pergolas. Also, the damp rating makes it suitable for use in garages and bathrooms.

*Height adjustable

  • Designed for indoor or outdoor use, this ceiling fan comes with two down rods. Thus, you can customize its height from the ceiling to optimize air movement.
  • Adding to that, the fan includes a 3-position mounting system. Thus, it allows for the low, standard, or angled modes of mounting.

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5. The Easiest Install: Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel Flush-Mounting Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades

Brushed Nickel three-bladed flush mount ceiling fan

It is recommendable for rooms with a maximum ceiling height up to 11.44 feet and a minimum ceiling height of up to 8 feet.

The fan is suitable for indoor or outdoor applications. Furthermore, it is best suited for large rooms with a size of up to 400 square feet.

  • Highlights:

*Contemporary design

  • The Harbor Breeze indoor ceiling fan features a brushed nickel finish and three gray blades that make it an excellent addition to modern décor and traditional decor rooms. The fan is made of durable materials for lasting performance.

*Powerful and quiet motor

  • The motor generates a high airflow for superior cooling performance. Additionally, it delivers three speeds with a reverse airflow feature.
  • The motor stays quiet, which makes it suitable for bedrooms or offices.

*Easy to mount and operate

  • This is one of the best 3-blade ceiling fans for an option that is easy to set up and operate. It is designed for a flush mount type of installation, thus an excellent choice for rooms with lower ceilings.
  • The fan comes with a handheld remote. You can use the remote to switch between three-speed settings to maintain a suitable level of comfort.

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6. Best Wooden: Tangkula 52-inch Indoor and Outdoor Wooden Blades Ceiling Fan

Tangkula blades stylish and stunning ceiling fan

Last but not least, we have the Tangkula ceiling fan. If you need a 3-blade ceiling fan for outdoor or indoor settings, it is one of the best options.

The fan is easy to install. It comes with an instructions manual that guides you during the setup process.

Moreover, it includes two down rods that provide you with a chance of selecting the ideal installation height.

*Premium construction

  • The fan features premium construction. It has a powerful motor that provides air circulation in a large area.
  • The fan features a sturdy iron frame and three solid wood blades. Because of this, it can remain stable during operation, while the sturdy construction assures you of reliable performance for years.

*Reversible design

  • It is applicable for all seasons. During the summer, it can bring you cool air to help reduce the indoor temperatures. On the other hand, it rotates in an opposite direction during the winter to help you stay warm.

*Remote controllable

  • This 3-blade ceiling fan is easy to operate. It comes with a handheld remote. You can use the remote to switch among the five-speed settings.
  • The remote keeps you in control of the timer to let you choose the amount of time the ceiling fan will be in operation.

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Three-bladed ceiling fans are a great investment since they are cheap, fast, and energy-efficient. There are different types of 3 blade ceiling fans that can suit your needs.

You can get good quality energy efficient three blades ceiling fans today, having the above information in your mind.

Photo Title Buy
Hunter Fan Company,...image Best Stylish: Hunter Sentinel 52-inch Indoor 3 Blades Ceiling Fan with LED and Remote
Hunter Fan Company...image Best Overall: Hunter Leoni 48-inch Multi-Speed Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motor
Westinghouse Lighting Westinghouse...image The Quietest: Westinghouse Lighting Industrial Style 3 Blades White Ceiling Fan
Hunter Cassius Indoor...image Best with Pull Chains: Hunter Fan Company 52-inch Matte Black Speed-adjustable Ceiling Fan
Harbor Breeze Mazon...image The Easiest Install: Harbor Breeze Mazon Brushed Nickel Flush-Mounting Ceiling Fan with 3 Blades
Tangkula 52 Best Wooden: Tangkula 52-inch Indoor and Outdoor Wooden Blades Ceiling Fan


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