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Best Ceiling Fan Brands — High-quality and Stylish Ceiling Fans

Looking for the best ceiling fan brands?

Many brands are producing many types of fans with all sorts of promises to the buyers, it is such an overwhelming task to select one best fit. However, we have compiled all the best brands there are in the market.

top brands of ceiling fans in the market


What to Consider on Deciding the Best Ceiling Fan Brands?

Before deciding to purchase, have the following factors in mind:

  • Craftsmanship

Artisanship is a large part of ratings for several buyers. You all love a state of art design in your rooms.

Most ceiling fan designs are seen as works of art owing to the high level of perfection and attention to detail. Find the brand that best meets your taste of craftsmanship.

  • Quality level

Quality is the number one priority when going shopping for any product. You should get a valid value for your hard-earned cash.

Manufacturers strive to make ceiling fans that are of the highest quality. To ensure the products are of high quality, the best brands subject their fans to quality tests to ensure they meet the standards.

  • Innovation and technology

In this era, innovation is the only way to stay ahead. The best ceiling fan brands incorporate new technologies in their ceiling fans to ensure that all your needs are met.

Lighting features are included in ceiling fans to change the way you light your rooms.

  • Warranty

The warranty guarantees you the performance and durability of the ceiling fans. Each brand has its warranty on all its parts. The motor usually has a lifetime warranty.

The other parts have a one-year, two-year warranty, or more, depending on the brand. Product warranty helps reduce the cost of maintenance of the ceiling fan.

best ceiling fans warranty 1-year and lifetime

  • Efficiency

We all hate it when electric bills are high in our homes. You need to invest in products that are energy efficient. This helps reduce your monthly spending.

Additionally, look for BEE star rated fans. These fans consume less energy while giving you the same quality performance you need.

  • Power

Power is of utmost importance. Since a fan will be running all day or night, it needs to have a powerful motor for optimum air movement and smooth operation.

Power is what differentiates the best fan from the rest. Always check the motor power whenever you go out to purchase a fan.

  • Quiet operation

Because the fan will be running for a longer time, you need something that is extremely quiet. A fan with a bigger powerful motor will give you a smooth, quiet operation.

DC motors are considered the best ceiling fan motor technology. They are quite expensive though. But you want the best quality motor in the market, don’t you?

  • Design

Ceiling fans exist in very many designs. If you are a stylist, you do need something that matches the decorations in your room.

Manufactures produce fans with different mounting options, lightings, and blade finishes, among others. This enables you to choose one that is the best fit to match your decor.

  • Fit

There is a fan for every room. A small fan will not be effective in a large room and vice versa. Brands have fans in different sizes and mounting rods to ensure that they fit your rooms well.

Before shopping for a fan, measure the room’s size first, then choose the blade span accordingly.


10 Best Ceiling Fan Brands Reviews

1. Minka Aire

Minka bedroom ceiling fan three blades

The Minka Group is the name behind the Minka Aire brand. The brand has perfected the art of ceiling fan manufacturing.

They have unique designs ranging from archaic and contemporary designs to modern styles. They aim to perfect the art of air management.’

The brand comprises both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. With many brands producing indoor and outdoor fans, Minka Aire has diversified to producing mini fans, which has proven profitable.

  • Design

It is a crime to talk about the latest fan styles in the market without mentioning Minka Aire. Their fans are constructed with artistic designs.

They have an immense collection of ceiling fans to fit any style, decoration, space, and lifestyle. The brand is known to produce some of the most beautiful ceiling fans there are in the market.

  • Fit

Are you looking for an indoor or outdoor fan? Minka Aire brand produces fans in varying styles and tones that can easily fit any location.

They have both large and small fans, which you can pick depending on the room’s size you want to install it.

  • Longevity

The brand has invested a lot in the construction and design of its ceiling fans. For this reason, they have a clean guarantee of the performance of their products backed with a lifelong warranty.

All the parts, motors, blades, lighting kits are all protected with a warranty. Ceiling fans from this brand can be used for years without replacing or repairing any part.

  • Price

Being made from very high-quality materials, the fans being fashionable and providing you with cool functionalities simultaneously.

Minka Aire ceiling fans are very much cost-friendly. You can buy a fan a superior fan without any harm to your pockets.

With Minka Aire, you are guaranteed better performance at lower costs in terms of energy consumption.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Minka Aire company.


2. Hunter

Hunter Fan Company indoor outdoor quality ceiling fans

Hunter makes fans in a series of artistic styles, including new, traditional, rustic, industrial, and tropical. Therefore, you can find a great design and effective ceiling that connects with any room effortlessly.

Each design is made from a variety of materials such as metal and natural wood. This encourages you to pick the theme that is right for your room layout.

Hunter makes a fan for all room sizes ranging from 100 square to over 400 square feet.

Hunter’s ceiling fans feature SIMPLEconnect software that allows you to control all the fans in your home remotely from your smartphone or smart device.

Additionally, Hunter ceiling fans undergo extensive quality tests to ensure you get the best fans possible.

  • Craftsmanship

Hunter brand is well known to be keen on details. The fans from the Hunter brand are well-crafted to ensure the company standards are met.

The blades are weighed to ensure they are perfectly balanced. The surfaces are hand-painted, while the metal arm blades are hand polished.

  • Technology

The Hunter brand has been around for a century now. Their ceiling fans have undergone many changes throughout this period.

This allows you to monitor your fan remotely from your smartphone or computer. Despite all the changes, the company has remained true to its classic design and popular features.

  • Warranty

Hunter brand has one of the best warranties in the market. They have a lifetime warranty on their motor and several years warranty on the other parts.

Hunter assures you that “If your motor fails during your ownership of the fan due to defect in the motor material or craftsmanship, they will provide you with a new one without charges.”

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Hunter Fan company.


3. Emerson

emerson outdoor ceiling fans

Emerson brand is among the founders of the fan industry. Its roots trace back to 1890 when Emerson W. John made the first AC motor fan.

Since then, the brand has undergone several changes, updating its features, motor design, construction materials. All these ensure that customers get quality ceiling fans from the Emerson brand.

The ceiling fans from the Emerson brand are durable, powerful, and long-lasting. Additionally, the brand builds fans for both indoor and outdoor usage.

The beautiful thing about this brand is that its parts are usable with other brands. Therefore, if you want to make your fan, Emerson ceiling fans are at your disposal.

  • Power

Emerson ceiling fans are very energy-efficient. This does not mean that the power of the motor is compromised. Being a well-established company, Emerson built an EcoMotor, which uses charged magnetic fields.

The motor moves more air using five times less energy than a regular fan motor. Therefore, it is capable of providing adequate power for a steady airflow for any room size.

  • Efficiency

Let your electric bills stress you no more. Emerson brand constructs ceiling fans with reduced energy consumption up to 60%.

Are you looking for the best energy-rated ceiling fan? Then look no further than the Emerson brand.

Energy efficiency reduces the cost of running the ceiling fan and has an impact on the life span of the fan.

Furthermore, the Emerson ceiling fans’ designers have greatly engineered the motors to ensure they remain cool when running.

The fans are powered by DC motors hence quiet operations.

  • Craftsmanship

These fans are among the most elegant fans in the market. The blades are hand-carved, and the finishes are hand-polished to give them a unique sleek finish. Emerson has a fan for every design or style you desire.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Emerson Fan company.


4. Westinghouse

Westinghouse quality ceiling fan for modern style rooms

Where can one start from when it comes to Westinghouse? This is a renowned brand in the ceiling fan business.

Talk about innovation, superior products, and reliability. All of these are guaranteed by the Westinghouse brand.

As technology advances, so do Westinghouse fans. The manufacturers use the latest technology to produce some of the best ceiling fans you see in the market.

Westinghouse was founded in 1886 and since then has been involved in producing better quality ceiling fans. They make fans of different varieties to suit all your needs.

Furthermore, all ceiling fans from Westinghouse are built using the same superb material. Therefore, when you purchase a Westinghouse ceiling fan, you are assured of quality, durability, and efficiency.

  • Quiet performance

Since a fan runs all day or night, you need a fan to help you relax and focus your mind on something. Westinghouse being one of the best brands of ceiling fans, guarantees you of utmost quietness when running.

It features a potent motor. This motor is built using cold-rolled steel, thus, a noiseless consumer experience.

Additionally, their fans have a higher CFM rating. As a result, the fans have higher efficiency compared to most fans in the market.

  • Design

Being one of the best, the Westinghouse brand has to stay ahead of the competitors. They manufacture a wide range of fans incorporating different designs.

Suppose you are looking for a specific design to match your interior finishes. In that case, Westinghouse ceiling fans have many fans that you can choose from.

  • Quality

Having been in the industry for more than a century, Westinghouse has perfected the art of ceiling fan manufacture. Their fans are built to fit any lifestyle and give you quality performance for a long time.

Before being released to the market, the ceiling fans undergo thorough quality tests. This is to ensure they meet the set company standards.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Westinghouse.


5. Modern Forms

modern forms ceiling fans

This brand uses the latest technology to build ‘smart fans,’ which are more efficient. Furthermore, this brand has an app designed with cloud-based smart controls.

The brand has invested a lot in research and advancement. All their fans come fully equipped with Radio-frequency wall control, and Wi-Fi enables smart controls through the app.

If you are a person that is obsessed with technology, then this fan is made for you. During the summertime, the fan can be set to blow cool air down. The room can feel 3 degrees cooler.

When winter sets in, you need not worry. The winter mode will force warm air at the ceiling to recirculate down hence ensuring you remain warm.

  • Innovation

Modern Forms, as the name suggests, uses the latest technologies there are in the market. The company has invested heavily in the innovation and growth of its products.

Incorporating the latest technology in manufacturing ensures that you get the best fans with smooth operations.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Modern Forms.


6. Casablanca

Casablanca leading ceiling fan brand

Casablanca ceiling fan brand was founded in the 1970s by Burton A. He believed that ceiling fans should not just be mere cooling devices but an important part of interior decoration.

These fans boost unique design styles that keep them on the top among the best brands. Casablanca fans guarantee quality performance. It has remained consistent with regard to materials used, looks, and designs.

Most of their fan blades are wood-based. These wooden blades that have been carefully and designed to perfection add charm and class to your home.

The brand manufactures high-quality, original, and authentic ceiling fans.

  • Artistry

Casablanca brand has its on-house artistry team that works to ensure that the fans are unique with different designs to fit any type of room.

The team is very much focused on getting new designs from art exhibitions, history pages, and visiting remote islands. The team conducts quality tests on the fans to ensure they are of the best quality.

  • Longevity

All Casablanca fans are well designed, powerful, reliable, and quiet. The fans are top-rated for quality performance and will serve you for many years.

Additionally, the motor has a lifetime warranty while all the other parts have a one-year warranty. Whenever your motor spoils, it can be repaired and returned to you.

  • Efficiency

The brand has a team that subjects the fans to rigorous tests to check performance, quality, reliability, and efficiency.

For this reason, it is a guarantee you are getting highly efficient ceiling fans from Casablanca.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Casablanca.


7. Fanimation

world's leading ceiling fan brands Fanimation

Tom Frampton designed the first Fanimation fan nearly 30 years ago. The fan had a very sole design and creativity incorporated into it. It is now present in 23 countries.

They have invested time in the research and development of fans from superior materials. The manufacturers pay attention to details to ensure you get a perfect ceiling fan.

Additionally, the brand combines the latest technology and old-style design to develop the best ceiling fans.

  • Quality level

Fanimation brands concentrate only on making fans. This gives them enough time to get themselves in the art of making better quality fans.

The designs are well analyzed, ensuring the end product is of the best quality level. The materials used are of the best quality, thus ensuring the product is among the best in terms of performance and longevity.

  • Artistry

This brand boasts the most distinctive designs. The brand’s team is capable of coming up with several unique designs.

In addition to making a stamen, the brand inspires creativity in home decoration. The designs have been tasked to create a wide range of products.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Fanimation.


8. Monte Carlo

Monte Carlo fans for outdoor and indoor use

Monte Carlo is known for its unique natural styles and modern design fans. Ever since its inception, the brand has maintained the production of unique ceiling fans.

It focuses on manufacturing fashionable fans that are a great addition to your modern interior decorations. Their fans have fashionable blade shapes, modern looks, and decorative styles.

Those that prefer old-style fans are well catered for with Monte Carlo fans. They produce classic wood ceiling fans that blend well with your home décor.

  • Innovation

The brand has a culture of innovation. When it manufactured its first ceiling fan, the brand has continued being innovative in development.

This is seen in their product line, which includes modern ceiling fans and classic ceiling fans. The brand has a fan for every type of décor.

  • Craftsmanship

Monte Carlo builds unique and functional fans. Their artistry team uses quality components to design the ceiling fans to suit a particular mood setting.

Whether you prefer modern or traditional designs, Monte Carlo has just what you need.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Monte Carlo.


9. Craftmade

The brand was formed in 1985 under the name ‘Master craft.’ The brand has crawled and found its way among the best brands in the manufacturing of ceiling fans globally.

This brand produces modern and traditional designs. Craftmade utilizes modern designs to create fans of varied styles for your homes and shops. Their ceiling fans promise efficiency and a great user experience.

  • Style

This brand has unique designs that will complete your home decoration. The company features both modern and customary designs.

It has different blade shapes and different finishes. Their fans have attractive designs making them worth every penny.

  • Technology

Craftmade brand is strong in technology. It uses the latest technology in designing its products. The ceiling fans come with remote controls that allow easy and quick operations.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Craftmade.


10. Kichler

Kichler ceiling fans for different sizes of room indoor use

It is among the oldest and trustworthy brands in the industry of fans. It has been manufacturing beautiful home products since 1938.

Fans from this brand are available in different colors, sizes, and finishes to complete your home decoration style.

Furthermore, the brand produces both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. If you are looking for a unique, superior ceiling fan with superb lighting features, Kichler has just what you need.

  • Innovation

Kichler has a culture of innovation in all its products. The company believes that any product you choose should modify your home into inspiring settings.

For this reason, they strive to manufacture fans with unique styles, lightings, and exciting colors.

  • Style

They follow the latest fashions in the market and manufacture fans based on these current styles. The company produces fans a wide range of fans to fit any style. Any space, setting, or lifestyle, Kichler has a fan that will fit nicely.

  • Quality

If you purchase a Kichler ceiling fan, you are assured of quality performance.

All their products, whether lighting kits or ceiling fans are backed up with excellent award-winning quality, craftsmanship, and attractive designs.

Here is our recommendation on one of the best products from Kichler.


Thriving Ceiling Fan Brands to Consider

1. Big Ass Fan

This brand started manufacturing fans in 1999. It manufactures fans for industrial, commercial, and residential use. As the name suggests, these fans are large.

Most large fans produce a lot of noise when running. Big Ass Fan has perfected the art of manufacturing large fans that are super quiet. It features potent motors that deliver efficient airflow in large rooms.

Additionally, the brand features advanced direct-drive technology, eye-catching artistry, and a patented airfoil system.

Big Ass Fans are energy efficient, super quiet, and attractive. You can consider them as your go-to for large fans for industrial and commercial spaces.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.


2. Quorum

This brand has been operational for over 35 years. It focuses on manufacturing big ceiling fans that will ensure maximum airflow in your large rooms.

The manufacturers have invested a lot in designing their products to ensure that the customer is satisfied. The fans feature both modern and classic designs.

These fans are super quiet and energy-efficient. Therefore, the cost of operation is low when using a Quorum ceiling fan.

The manufacturer features the latest technology to ensure the fans blend well with the trending fashions.

Additionally, all their products come with a lifetime motor warranty. You will use their products for a long time without any worries about failure.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.


3. Meyda

Meyda brand first started as a light manufacturing company. Later on, it ventured into the fan industry, integrating fans with light kits. It is generally recognized for its large section of excellent hand-made tiffany lighting.

The brand has manufactured a considerable variety of chandelier ceiling fans. Their fans exist in a wide range of styles, modern, traditional, and rustic.

Fans from this brand are designed to be used in living rooms, dining areas where lighting is needed.

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that can complete that artistic look in your dining area, consider looking at Meyda brand ceiling fans.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.


4. Savoy House

Robert Lee established the Savoy House brand 50 years ago. It is a family-owned enterprise, which began with the manufacturing of lighting kits.

Savoy House ceiling fans feature several designs ranging from classic, nostalgic, soft contemporary looks to urban designs.

It uses the latest technology and trending fashions to manufacture the best fans there are in the market. The brand has become popular among designers in today’s Fan industry.

The engineering team has invested time conducting trials. It has successively come up with the best quality products with excellent performance.

Savoy house produces all kinds of fans from indoor to outdoor, with lights and those without. Their ceiling fans have unique finishes that can blend with your home décor nicely.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.


5. Matthews

Chuck Matthews is the name behind the Matthews brand. It was founded in 1992 in Chicago. These fans are hand-tailored using different styles to make them appealing to the customers.

Matthews ceiling fans are ideally used in older buildings to bring out a particular theme. This does not mean they will not look attractive in a new home.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.

6. Concord

Concord brand provides several fashionable fans. It has earned its spot among the best-designed ceiling fans in the market. It provides a wide variety of fans to ensure maximum air comfort in your homes.

It produces fans of superior quality with excellent performance and reduced energy consumption.

Concord ensures that you get the best user experience by providing you with high-quality products manufactured with thought.

Click the following for our recommendation of the fan from this brand.



1. What fan brands are the quietest?

We recommend you the fans from Hunter Fan company and Minka-Aire.

As two of the most well-known brands in the fan market, Hunter and Minka-Aire have done a brilliant job of increasing the quiet level of their fans to offer you a comfortable environment at home.

Additionally, if you prefer a high level of quietness, we suggest you buy any fan that uses a DC motor instead of an AC motor. All these motors use the same power, but the DC motor is more silent.

2. Which brand to choose from?

Do not spend a lot of your valuable time focusing on brands. Each brand has its pros and cons. Ensure it is a reputable brand.

When purchasing a fan, select one based on style, air movement, quiet operation, and efficiency.

BrandHunterMinka-AireHampton Bay
FeatureOverall the best for low budgetEnergy-efficient and silent motorEspecially good with low profiles
Light KitThe lights can only be replaced with Hunter productsCompatible with various types of light bulbsCompatible with various types of light bulbs



Ceiling fans are a great addition to your homes. It would help if you did not look at them as hardware but as components of decoration too.

Therefore, you should choose a ceiling fan that will blend nicely with your home decorations. Many brands in the market offer different unique styles. There is always a product for you.

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