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Best Ceiling Fan For Kitchen Reviews

Think about it; kitchens are always full of warmth, spicy smell, and greasy vapors, which means that you will need to install a ceiling fan for kitchens to blow out unwanted warmth and odor.

However, truth be said, not all ceiling fans on the market are ideal for kitchen use. A ceiling fan that is suited for use in the kitchen must be durable and able to withstand all elements associated with kitchens. Still, such fans should be safe to use, easy to install, easy to operate, energy-efficient, and affordable.

With so many options to select from, getting such ceiling fans is not easy. To help you make the right decision, we shall have a look at the best ceiling fans for kitchens in 2021.

How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fan For Kitchens

1. What size do you need?

Well, different factors will help you to determine the size that is best suited to cool your space. For instance, how much space do you desire to cool using the ceiling fan’s airflow? Second, do you need the fan to cool the air of the entire kitchen or a portion of it? Third, which size fan is best suited for cooling your space?

To ensure that you are getting the best ceiling fan for kitchens, consider the CFM and airflow. The CFM is determined by the size of the space and the work your ceiling fan must do so that it can move the air around. If you need a ceiling fan that will circulate air over a large space, I would recommend one with a 6,000CFM rating. However, if you need a ceiling fan for spaces, you could opt to get one with a 4,000CFM rating.

2. With light or not

Well, should you purchase a ceiling fan for kitchens with lights or without lights? Well, this depends on the illumination in the space you want to install the fan. If the fan is for rooms with limited natural lighting. I would recommend that you purchase a ceiling fan with an integrated lighting kit. In this case, get one that integrates an LED light kit, given that such ceiling lights are durable and easy to maintain. However, if you need the best ceiling fans for kitchens with ample lighting, you should be good to go with ceiling fans without lights.

3. Go with your style

For the best value for money, I would recommend that you get a ceiling fan that suits your décor’s style. For instance, ceiling fans come in different styles including rustic, modern, traditional, farmhouse, industrial, contemporary, and so on. That said, consider the design and colors of the existing furnishings and explore the available options for you to locate a ceiling fan that will suit your décor’s style.

4. Which mounting options are available?

To optimize the airflow, you mount your ceiling fan accordingly. That said, consider the height of the ceiling from the floor and consider the best mounting options to ensure that the fan will circulate the air effectively. For instance, a hugger ceiling fan is best suited for ceilings with an 8feet height of shorter. If you are mounting the fan on sloped ceilings, consider getting a fan that works effectively with a sloped ceiling adapter. Finally, you can acquire a ceiling fan with down rods when getting one for rooms with high ceilings.

Best ceiling fan for kitchen reviews

1. Orillon 22” Thin Modern Ceiling Fan

This is a versatile ceiling fan. Whether you need it for use in an office, guest room, kitchen, bedroom, dining room, hallway, or restaurant, you can get it with the assurance of having it meet your needs. The fan is best suited for rooms with a size ranging from 87sq. ft. – 215 sq. ft. It features a 22” diameter and an 8” height. Suitable for modern and traditional decors, the fan features a polished nickel finish to enhance the style.

• Powerful and silent motor

The Orillon 22” ceiling fan houses a powerful but silent motor. The motor is made of copper, enabling it to deliver a powerful performance. Adding to that, the motor integrates a heat sinkhole. The sinkhole reduces the internal temperatures of the host to protect it from damage and extend the motor’s life. The engine operates quietly so that you and your family can stay in a quiet and comfortable environment.

• High-quality construction

If you need a ceiling fan that will provide service for years, this is one of the best choices. The ceiling fan is crafted of thick material for durability. The blades are 3mm thick for a smooth and safe operation. What’s more, the ceiling fan integrates a high-transparent plastic lampshade and a matte lacquered wrought iron case for durability.

• Easy to operate

This ceiling fan is easy to operate. Its lamps and blade are controllable using a remote control for ease of use from any location in the room. Better still, the light has an on/off switch that allows you to put it on and off. Another benefit of the fan is the adjustable speed. It provides three-speed options for easy customization based on the temperatures.

• Adjustable light colors and a timer

Another benefit of Orillon 22” ceiling fan is the integrated lighting. The lamp provides illumination with three colors. Thus, you can switch between white light, yellow light, and neutral light based on the mood. Still, the ceiling fan has a timer. Using it, you can adjust the operation time to let the fan operate for one, two, four, or eight hours before it goes off.

2. Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary

If you need the best ceiling fan for a small kitchen space, I would recommend 50601-01 Ocean Breeze Contemporary Ceiling Fan. It comes in different finish options including brushed nickel, white, and espresso bronze to let you select a color that suits your décor. Adding to that, the fan adopts LED bulbs that are dimmable up to 20%.

• Contemporary design

This is one of the best ceiling fans when you need to bring air circulation to modern and compact spaces. It highlights a contemporary style so that you can modernize your space. Additionally, the fan is small at only 30”, thus an ideal choice for tighter spaces including kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms.

• Reversible motor

Another benefit of the fan is the reversible motor and quiet blades. In particular, the reversible motor offers three speeds so that you can customize the fan’s operation to suit your needs. Better still, it allows for a downdraft mode of operation and an updraft mode of operation, which makes it suitable for keeping you cool during the summer and keeping you warm during the winter.

• Dual-mounting ceiling fan

Designed for easy setup, this is a dual-mounting ceiling fan. It comes with a 4” down rod. Because of this, the fan supports a 2-position dual mount so that you can adopt the standard down-rod or angled means of mounting.

3. Home Decorators Collection Brette II 23 in. LED Indoor/Outdoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan

Taking the third position is the Home Decorators Collection Brette II Ceiling Fan. If you need a functional but stylish ceiling fan for kitchens, I would recommend it as one of the best choices. It features a trendy drum cage design to enhance style. Furthermore, the fan comes with a 4.5” down rod for fast and easy installation. The ceiling fan has a 15.15” overall height, thus an excellent choice for use in compact spaces. The ceiling fan is suitable for interior and outdoor use, but you must use it under a covered ceiling.

• Enclosed drum design

This ceiling fan features an enclosed drum design. The design offers a clean and neat look, which makes it an ideal option for modern decors. Still, the enclosed design offers a compact look, making the ceiling fan an excellent choice for small spaces including kitchens and bedrooms. The 23” ceiling fan highlights a brushed nickel finish to enhance the style in modern or traditional decors.

• 3-speed reversible control

Something else that makes this fan an excellent investment is a 3-speed functionality. This means that you can adjust the speed of the airflow, making the ceiling fan an excellent option for use in different seasons. Better still, the fan uses reversible blades. As a result, it can bring a cooling effect during the summer and a warming effect during the winter for all-year-round comfort. And for easy operation, the fan includes a handheld remote for customization of the operation modes and speeds.

• Dimmable illumination

Finally, the ceiling fan integrates two 26watt LED light strips. This means that besides cooling the room, it can illuminate the space with a high lumen rating of 1536 and a temperature of 3000K. The LED light strips deliver a fully dimmable illumination for easy customization of the brightness based on the mood.

4. Westinghouse Lighting 7224600 Quince Indoor Ceiling Fan

The Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan is an indoor fan suitable for use in laundry rooms, hallways, walk-in closets, children’s bedrooms, and small offices. It is compact at 24”, thus an ideal choice for cooling small rooms. The low profile ceiling fan comes with a down rod, which you must use while installing it. During installation, the fan blades should be at least 7feet from the floor but not higher than nine feet.

• Reversible blades

This fan integrates six contemporary reversible blades. The blades highlight a modern, gunmetal finish for style and durability. Also, the blades feature a reversible design. This means that the fan runs in a counterclockwise direction during the summer to cool the air in the room. Better still, the fan can be reversed to rotate in a clockwise direction to warm the air during the winter.

• High-quality motor

The ceiling fan highlights a high-quality motor. The lifetime motor delivers a powerful performance by delivering a high-speed airflow of up to 1259CFM. The airflow efficiency is rated at 42CGM/Watt, while a steep 18-degree blade pitch provides ample airflow suitable for cooling small spaces.

• Contemporary design

If you need the best ceiling fan for modern kitchens, this is an ideal ceiling fan. It highlights a gunmetal finish plus black and graphite finish blades for style. The fan is suitable for use in small rooms with areas up to 100 square feet.

• LED light kit

Lastly, this fan incorporates an LED light kit. The kit offers an energy-efficient illumination, which means that you can spend less but rest assured to get adequate illumination. The LED light kit eliminates the need to change the bulbs for further saving bulbs purchase.

5. Hunter Crestfield Indoor Low Profile Ceiling Fan

Introducing the Hunter Crestfield, it is an ETL-rated ceiling fan suitable for indoor use. The fan highlights a beautiful and clean finish coupled with high contrast angles to create a look that will make your space current and inspire. What’s more, the fan highlights high-quality finishes and a durable motor for long-lasting performance. The ceiling fan is ideal for rooms with low ceiling heights below 9feet, thanks to the low profile design.

• Quiet and wobble-free operation

If you need a ceiling fan for use in bedrooms or offices, this is an excellent option. The ceiling fan is engineered to be wobble-free and whisper-quiet so that you can enjoy a peaceful night without sacrificing comfort.

• Pull chain control

Easy to operate, the ceiling fan comes with a pull chain control. Using the chain, you can adjust the speed of the ceiling fan or turn the light on. The pull chain controls are clearly labeled so that there is no confusion when turning the lights or operating the ceiling fan.

• Reversible motor

The ceiling fan adapts a powerful motor. The motor delivers an ultra-powerful airflow coupled with a quiet performance to help you stay cool and comfortable. Better, the motor is reversible. You can use it in the downdraft mode during the summer and the updraft mode during the winter to ensure user comfort.

6. Mazon 44-in Oil-Rubbed bronze Integrated LED Indoor Flush Mount Ceiling Fan

This is a 44” ceiling fan. It has a 16-degree blade pitch. This design enables it to provide an airflow up to 2845CFM, making it suitable for small rooms up to 225 square feet. Adding to that, the ceiling fan combines powerful performance and modern style, thus an excellent choice for small but modern-style rooms. The ceiling fan highlights an oil-rubbed bronze finish to enhance style. Also, it highlights two mounting options including hugger and flush mount options, thus an ideal choice for rooms with low ceiling heights.

• LED light kit

This ceiling fan integrates an LED light source and a matte opal glass lens. The light kit is dimmable, which means that you can customize the illumination to get the desired light. Besides that, the light kit is maintenance-free since you do not require to replace the bulbs.

• Handheld remote

Easy to operate, the ceiling fan comes with a handheld remote control. Using the remote, you can adjust the speed of the fan or switch it on and off for easy operation. The remote control includes a wall cradle for secure storage after use.

• Reversible airflow

Finally, this is one of the best ceiling fans for the summer and winter. During the winter, it can circulate warm air in the room to keep you warm and comfortable. Besides that, the fan circulates cool air during the summer to help you stay cool. The fan offers three-speed settings for easy airflow customization.

7. Prominence Home 51480-01 Octavia Ceiling Fan, 52, Iron

Elevate the style of your indoor space with the help of the Prominence Home Octavia. The ceiling fan can cool your spaces while illuminating them for a comfortable stay. The fan uses a powerful motor that delivers a powerful airflow.

• LED light fixture

The Prominence Home 51480-01 Ceiling Fan includes an LED light fixture. The cute lantern-style fixture can light up a room while its dimmable design makes it an excellent choice for rooms with different lighting effects. The luminous white interior of the hood can reflect the exposed light bulbs to maximize the lighting effect and provide a beautiful glow.

• Easy to operate

For a ceiling fan for kitchens that is easy to operate, I would recommend the Prominence Home 51480-01 Ceiling Fan. It comes with a handheld remote control. Using the remote, you can choose among three-speed settings of the fan for a customized airflow based on the temperatures.

• Dual-mount compatible

Finally, this ceiling fan is easy to mount. It is dual mount compatible, which means that you can hang it using a 4” included down rod or use an angled bracket for mounting on angled ceilings.


The best ceiling fans for kitchens can help you to rid your kitchen of undesired warmth and odor. Therefore, avoid settling down for low-quality ceiling fans but buy one of the reviewed products and rest assured to get the best value for money.

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