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Best Ceiling Fans

Are you stressing over what to do about the winter and summer season? Worry no more as you can have a warm or cool time whenever you want. Ceiling fans are your best choice for they will serve you with cool air during the summer and warm air in the winter season. Ceiling fans are the cheapest means of having cool air around a place. Ceiling fans distribute fresh air evenly in your home or workplace. In this article, you are going to learn about:

– Ceiling fans with light.
– Benefits of ceiling fans.
– Factors to consider when selecting a ceiling fan.
– What remote control and pull chain control ceiling fans are all about.
– Winter ceiling fans.
– Summer ceiling fans.

Importance of Owning a Ceiling Fan

– They help to cool your room for versatile comfort and relaxation.

Ceiling fans play a vital role in ensuring you feel comfortable in your home. They help to cool your room down by ensuring a continuous flow of air throughout the room.

– They are energy-efficient.

Ceiling fans are a great option for saving your energy bill as they are energy-efficient. Ceiling fans help in saving your pocket in a great way while providing a cool breeze in your room, thereby eliminating the need for using air conditioners throughout the day.

– They are stylish and provide perfect decor addition.

Ceiling fans add an aesthetic effect to your home. This happens as a result of these fans existing in different themes, designs, colors, and styles. You can find a ceiling fan that will fit in with the theme color and style of your home.

– They provide perfect illumination.

There are ceiling fans that have the lighting feature with perfect illumination. This means that when you install such fans in your home, you get better illumination while saving on your energy bill as both the fan and the light kit are energy-efficient. Also, the lights add beauty to your home setting.

Factors to Consider on Choosing Best Ceiling Fans

Choosing the best ceiling fan requires considering several factors to ensure that you get the best fan that will meet all your needs. They include:

– Placement

When installing a ceiling fan, you should place it at the center of the room. Placing the fan at the center allows for great distribution of cool or warm air in a room. Make sure that the fan is hung above seven feet away from the ground. This is both safe and convenient for you.

Therefore, ensure that your fan will fit your location properly and have the appropriate type of mounting depending on the type of your ceiling and the height.

– Room Size

Learning about the size of a room is vital while buying a ceiling fan. Knowing the size of a room enables you to choose a ceiling fan that will provide adequate air circulation. Generally, the room size determines the right size of the fan the room will need.

– Ceiling Fan Size

You must choose a ceiling fan that fits the room you want the fan installed in. This means that the size of the ceiling fan is determined by the size of the room. Know your room size before you go ahead and purchase a ceiling fan for your home. Note that a too small or big fan results in poor efficiency.

– Blades

It does not necessarily matter a lot how many blades a ceiling fan has. The reason behind this is because the number of blades does not determine the efficiency of a ceiling fan. However, it is also good to consider the size and number of blades. When choosing a ceiling fan, you may select a fan that has many blades depending on the style you are aiming for and the available space on your ceiling. It’s all about sleekness and balance where blades are involved.

– Ceiling Height and Type

Consider the type and height of your ceiling when selecting a ceiling fan. Doing this enables you to find a ceiling fan with the right mounting type and height for maximum distribution of air and safety. As a buyer, you will buy a ceiling fan that complements the look of your ceiling.

Where the ceiling height is an issue, make sure the ceiling fan you buy will be hanged at the right height.

– Mounting System

Getting the right ceiling fan with the appropriate mounting system is very vital. The mounting system you will need for your space is determined by how the ceiling is shaped. Generally, ceiling fans come with various mounting systems to cater to the various types of ceilings. The shape of your ceiling will help you make the right decision when purchasing a ceiling fan for your space.

– Style

The process of selecting a ceiling fan can be a bit tricky. Either way, it is important that when looking for a ceiling fan, consider the ceiling fan style as well as your room style. Style plays a huge role in making sure that the ceiling fan you buy goes hand in hand with the interior design of your space.

– Motor Type

Ceiling fans consist of either DC or AC motors. Generally, both types of motors provide excellent performance. However, DC motors are more powerful and more energy-efficient than AC motors. This means that you get to save on the energy used to run the ceiling fan. It is advisable to choose ceiling fans with the DC motors as they are quieter and reliable.

– Control System

Usually, ceiling fans come with various control systems, including pull chains, remote control, and more. The type of control system depends on your preferences. However, remote control and smart control systems are the most versatile types of control systems. They allow you to control the ceiling fan while still relaxing on your couch or bed. However, some ceiling fans come with two types of control systems for further customization.

– Light

Ceiling fans come with lights or without lights. This mainly depends on your preferences, be sure if you want a ceiling fan that has lighting or not. Once you have made a decision, you can go ahead and buy the one you wish. Those who are interested in those that have lighting should figure one whether they want the ones that use LED light or globes. However, ceiling fans with lights are more versatile and more energy-efficient.

– Price Level

When you decide you want to buy the best ceiling fans for your home, it is smart that you come up with a budget. This will enable you to purchase ceiling fans that are within your price range. There are versatile and quality ceiling fans that range between 100 USD to 1000 USD. You can find the right ceiling fan at a fairly good price.

-Ceiling Fan with Light or Not

Benefits of Ceiling fan with Light

– Ceiling fans with light help decorate a room. Most ceiling fans with light come in different styles that make your space beautiful and elegant.
– It is convenient for you to have ceiling fans with light as they help save space. This is because you will not require extra space to install lighting structures. The space you will have spared can be used for other decorating purposes.
– Ceiling fans enable you to control how bright or dim light will be in your space. It does feel good that you can control the lighting as you please.
– Some light fixtures cannot manage to light a room evenly. This is why you need to have ceiling fans with light as they enable you to light your place uniformly.
– The ceiling fans have energy-saving light kits. This means that having such ceiling fans helps in reducing the cost of energy used in lighting a room.

How to Choose Ceiling Fans with Light

– Illumination

First and foremost, you need to know if your space has enough lighting. This will enable you to choose a ceiling fan that will make the lighting in your home sufficient.

– Type of lighting

Be concerned about the kind of lighting a ceiling fan has before you select it. This will enable you to select a ceiling fan that uses LED lights as they are more energy-efficient.

– Room size

Measure the space you have to know the kind of ceiling fan with light to settle for. This helps you buy a ceiling fan that will fit well in your room.

– Style

The style of your home needs to be something you are aware of when you are purchasing a ceiling fan with light. You sure want your home to look well done and decorated. This means that your ceiling fan style should fit right in with the design of your home.

Things to Avoid When Choosing a Ceiling Fan with Light

1. Avoid ceiling fans that are smaller than your room. They will not produce efficient cool or warm air to be circulated all around your space.
2. Keep away from ceiling fans that will not match your home decor. There is no need for having a ceiling fan that looks out of place.
3. Avoid choosing a ceiling fan that does not have a good warranty. This is because it will cost you every time you require getting the ceiling fan with light repaired.
4. When selecting ceiling fans with light, don’t choose fans because others have as you may end up making the wrong choice. Take your time to find the right ceiling fan with light.
5. Keep away from ceiling fans with light that is not energy-efficient. This is because they will cost you so much as they will make your electricity bills heighten up.

Is Ceiling Fans with Light energy saving?

Ceiling fans with light are good at saving energy as they consume less energy to operate. This means that you don’t have to worry about energy costs in your home as they will be low, as a result of using these ceiling fans.

Do you need one with a remote control? Remote control vs. pull chain control

Remote Control Ceiling Fans

Pros of remote control ceiling fans;

• Remote-controlled ceiling fans are easy to run and use. This is because they do not require a lot of work to get them running.
• These fans enable you to switch off the ceiling fan you are not using easily. This means that you can keep some of the ceiling fans running and switch off others.
• Remote control ceiling fans are convenient for the elderly or disabled people. This is because they don’t have to stand up to control the ceiling fans as they can do this from where they are sitting or sleeping.
• These ceiling fans come with incredible options that you can use to make sure your ceiling fan is serving you right.

Cons of remote-controlled ceiling fans;

• These fans are expensive which makes it difficult for most people to own them.
• It is easy for people without the knowledge of how to operate these fans to make a mess out of them.
• For those who have children, they can break the remote thus leaving you with no means of controlling the ceiling fans.
• The remotes used to control these fans require batteries which show that you will be spending money on batteries now and then.

Under what condition should you need a remote-controlled ceiling fan?

You must have this ceiling fan if you are an elderly person or have a disabled member of the family who will have difficulties getting to operate the fan traditionally. Also, in case the room is very large.

Pull Chain Control

Pros of pull chain control ceiling fans;

• They are easy to use.
• The control on the ceiling fan cannot go missing as it is inbuilt.
• Children cannot reach it and cause any damage to the fan.
• They are safe for your homes.
Cons of pull chain control ceiling fans;
• Difficult to know the speed of the fan.
• Not ideal for very low or very high ceilings.

Under what condition should you need a pull chain control ceiling fan?

– You need a pull chain control ceiling fan when your remote control is not functional.
What options do you have on the remote control?
– Portable hand remote control
This enables the user to carry the remote wherever they want to go with it. This means that the remote can be carried to different rooms in the house and serve the ceiling fans in these rooms.
– Wall control
This is a type of remote control that is installed on the wall hence not portable.
– Combination of the two
Some of the versatile ceiling fans come with both options of the remote control, that is, both portable and wall control.
– App control
This is an option that enables you to control your ceiling fans from your phone. Whatever you will want from your fan you can get through using an app.

Using the Ceiling Fan in winter

Ceiling fans can be used both during summer and winter. The most important thing is to know which direction the ceiling fan should be going to produce heat and how to use it efficiently.

What to consider for winter ceiling fans

Generally, you must consider the basic factors that we had discussed earlier, as well as other factors that enhance winter usage. The following are the main factors to consider for winter ceiling fans.

– Motor

Make sure that the motor has adjustable speed settings and a reverse function. Usually, the reverse setting is the feature responsible for winter usage. Ensure that the motor is powerful enough to provide adequate air circulation for warming up your room.

– Room size

The room size determines the right size of the ceiling fan. Measure your room in square footage before going for your shopping. This will help you to choose the right ceiling fan size to warm your room adequately.

– Control switch

Different ceiling fans have different control switches for changing the ceiling fan from summer mode to winter mode. Also, the switches are located at different locations, make sure that the fan has the switch in a convenient position. Consider one with a remote control that has the option for changing the modes.

Features ceiling fans in winter should have:

Winter ceiling fans should have the basic features of a ceiling fan including powerful motor, stylish, durability, high-quality, as well as winter features. The winter features that a ceiling fan for winter should have include:

– Reverse mode

This feature is also called the winter mode. This feature allows you to change the direction of rotation from counterclockwise to clockwise. This allows the fan to redistribute the warm air in the room.

– Adjustable speed settings

Unlike during summer where high speed is very crucial, low speed is very crucial during the winter season. The fan should have low-speed settings for better warm air circulation.

– Remote control

The remote control is a basic feature in any ceiling fan, but winter ceiling fans should have a remote control with the option for changing from summer mode to winter mode.

What way to turn

When it comes to running the ceiling fan during winter, make sure that it turns in the clockwise direction and at a low speed. This process helps in pulling up cool air that instead pushes the warm air around the ceiling down towards the floor, thereby warming your space.

Safety notes in use

• Install the ceiling fan at a higher level to prevent accidents from happening.
• Don’t ever touch the ceiling fan when it is running.
• Don’t let the ceiling fan overheat.

Using the ceiling fan in summer

When it’s summer, you do require the services of ceiling fans. This means that there is a particular way in which you will be required to run the fan. Consider the direction in which the ceiling fan is rotating in. This is essential in the functioning of the fan to produce cool air. Consider the clearance between the floor and the ceiling as it should not be too high or low.

What to consider

Generally, summer ceiling fans can be considered as the regular ceiling fans. The following are what to consider when using ceiling fans in summer.

– Remote control

The remote control is very crucial during summer. Unlike during winter where you use the low-speed only, summer involves adjusting the speed from one to another as the temperatures change. Therefore, remote control is very crucial for enhancing great comfort. You don’t have to stand to adjust the fan every time.

– Powerful motor

You require the best motor capable of providing excellent performance and reliability. Consider a powerful motor with high CFM.

– Room size

The room size determines the right size of the ceiling fan. Measure your room in square footage before going for your shopping. This will help you to choose the right ceiling fan size for excellent air circulation.
Features ceiling fans should have in summer:

– Control switch

This is the switch for changing the fan from winter mode to summer mode. This applies to ceiling fans with both modes.

– High fan speed

Unlike the winter mode that requires low-speed, summer mode requires high speed to provide maximum air circulation for an exclusive cool breeze.

– Quiet operation

The ceiling fan should have quiet operation. The fact that high speed is required means that noise can be an issue. Summer ceiling fans should have quiet operation.

– Powerful motors

The summer ceiling fan should have a powerful motor to provide excellent performance as well as reliability.

– Adjustable speed settings

Adjustable speed setting is also crucial in summer ceiling fans. This feature allows you to change the speed of air circulation depending on the temperature.

What way to turn

The ceiling fans should turn in the counterclockwise direction when in use. This way, it can distribute cool fresh air all around the place.
Safety notes in use

• Never try to fix the ceiling fan when it is not functioning well, while the fan is still running or with the main switch on.
• Keep your hands to yourself when the fan is running or you could lose some fingers.
• Prohibit your children from playing with the ceiling fan as they can injure themselves.

For outdoor or indoor use?

1. For outdoor

– Where to use an outdoor ceiling fan
Generally, there are various outdoor spaces where a ceiling fan can be used. They include

. Camping spaces

Depending on your camping location, the fun can be limited due to very high temperatures. These fans can be mounted in your camping space to deliver a cool breeze while relaxing.

. Patio

A patio is a partly covered outdoor space for relaxing during the day or even weekend nights. Outdoor ceiling fans are used in patios to cool down your space during the hot day while air circulation aids in reducing heat and humidity in your patio.

. Sunroom

This is another outdoor space where an outdoor ceiling fan can be used. The fan helps in cooling down your space while adding style to your sunroom.

– The features fan should have

Regardless of being an outdoor ceiling fan, the fan should have the basic features of any versatile ceiling fan, including style, light, remote, adjustable speed, and more. However, some unique features make the ceiling fans specifically ideal for the outdoors unlike indoor ceiling fans. The following are the main features that the best outdoor ceiling fan should have.

. Wet or Damp rated

These are the first features and most crucial features that an outdoor ceiling fan should have. When talking about outdoor ceiling fans, the first things that come to your head are the location of the ceiling fan and the weather. Some outdoor spaces are partly covered from direct weather while others are more exposed. Depending on the extent of exposure, the fan should be either wet-rated or damp-rated.

Wet-rated ceiling fans are designed for those outdoor spaces that are exposed to rain, mist, high humidity, and snow. They are made of rust-resistant materials and are well-sealed to prevent the ceiling fan from rusting hence long-lasting.

Damp-rated ceiling fans are designed for partly covered outdoor spaces. These fans should not be exposed to direct weather conditions unlike the wet-rated.

. Unibody blades

This is a feature for outdoor ceiling fans intended for windy areas. The unibody fans boast a sturdy blade construction with no blade holders making it strong and firm, hence no swaying or breaking during the strong winds.

. Salt-rated

This is a feature for outdoor ceiling fans designed for beachside spaces or salty air locations. They are made with corrosion and rust-resistant materials.

. Size and performance

A good outdoor ceiling fan should feature an ideal size with high performance for effective air circulation.

. Powerful motor

The outdoor ceiling fan boasts a powerful AC or DC motor to enhance great performance. The motor has a variety of speed settings for customization, including reverse function.

. Remote control

Generally, various models come with various controls. However, for exclusive comfort, the fan should have a remote control.

. Light kit

The fan should have a light function for use during the night hours or in low-lit spaces.

. Style

Style is another crucial feature in an outdoor ceiling fan. Besides comfort and relaxation, the fan should also add style and feel to your space, just like the indoor fans.

– Types to choose

Generally, there are various types of outdoor ceiling fans to choose from. They include

. With light or without light

This is a type of outdoor ceiling fan that is defined by the light function. The ceiling fans can either have a light function or without. However, this is the only difference in most of these fans, the rest of the features are the same or almost the same.

. Standard

These types of fans are designed for high ceiling heights. They involve the use of a downrod to mount the motor to the mounting bracket. They can be mounted on sloped or flat ceilings.

. Low profile

Low profile outdoor fans are the opposite of the standard ceiling fans. They are designed for low-height ceilings less than 8 feet. They are mounted directly on the bracket.

– Installation tips

. Ensure that you first read and understand the user instruction manual to have an idea of how to go about it.
. Ensure that you have all the necessary tools required for the installation.
. Ensure that your fan is ideal for your space, either wet-rated or damp-rated, depending on your intended location.
. Ensure that your space has enough walls to bounce off the air, thereby creating an adequate breeze.
. Consult a technician to ensure that you follow the federal rules for electrical installation.

– Safety tips in use

. Ensure that the motor housing has a waterproof seal to protect the motor from water or moisture that can be hazardous.
. Use all-weather blades to prevent rusting and other damages as well.
. Ensure that the fan is well mounted on a firmly mounted bracket. This ensures that the fan remains in position and can not fall from the ceiling.
. Ensure that the fan parts are assembled firmly to avoid breakages when in use or during a windy day.
. Finally, ensure that the fan is well installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

2. For indoor

– Where to use indoor ceiling fans

Generally, most individuals tend to think that ceiling fans are designed for indoor uses, however, there are outdoor ceiling fans as well. Indoor ceiling fans are designed to be used in all indoor spaces that require air conditioning. These places include living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, garages, bathrooms, shops, offices, commercial, and industrial places.

Indoor ceiling fans are designed to cool indoor spaces by creating a cool breeze throughout the space, thereby allowing air circulation. These fans also help in reducing humidity in the various indoor spaces, as well as adding aesthetics to the rooms.

– The features the fan should have

Just like the outdoor ceiling fan, a good indoor ceiling fan should have various features that include:

. Style

An indoor ceiling fan should be stylish to provide a perfect addition to your decor. Generally, indoor ceiling fans come with multiple styles ranging from modern to traditional styles, thereby providing you with a wide variety to choose from and one that matches your taste and preferences.

. Light function

Most of the modern indoor ceiling fans feature a light function while others don’t have. This feature helps in adding style to your space, they are energy-efficient, and most of all they provide excellent illumination to your room.

. Remote control

Most indoor ceiling fans boast a remote control for easy and quick control of the ceiling fans. However, some of these fans have two control systems one being the remote control.

. Motor

Various indoor fans feature AC or DC motors with different CFM and speeds. A good indoor fan should have a powerful quiet motor to circulate the air efficiently for an exclusive breeze. The motor also features a reverse function for the winter seasons.

. Airflow

Indoor ceiling fans should have a great airflow that is perfect for your room size. Usually, the airflow is measured in CFM and varies depending on the size of the room. For great efficiency, ensure that the fan size and airflow match the room size.

. Adjustable speed

A good indoor ceiling fan should have adjustable speed settings: at least 3-speed settings excluding the reverse function. Adjustable speed settings provide customized comfort.

– Types to choose

Similar to outdoor fans, indoor fans come in various types classified based on various features. They include

. Remote-controlled

These are indoor ceiling fans with a remote control system. These fans use the remote control to control the fan speed, lighting, as well as switching on/off. These types of fans can also include other types of control systems like the wall mount.

. With lights or without lights

This is a type of indoor ceiling fan that is defined by the light function. The ceiling fans can either have a light function or without. Most modern indoor ceiling fans come with lights. However, this is the only difference in most of these fans, the rest of the features are the same or almost the same.

. Dual-motor

These are indoor ceiling fans designed for large and extra-large rooms. They feature two motors and two adjustable heads connected using horizontal rods. The fans provide exclusive performance for the spacious rooms as well as style.

. Standard

These types of fans are designed for high indoor ceiling heights. They involve the use of a downrod to mount the motor to the mounting bracket. They are ideal for both sloped and flat ceilings.

. Low profile

They are also referred to as flush mount ceiling fans. Low profile indoor fans are the reverse of the standard indoor ceiling fans. They are designed for low-height ceilings less than 8 feet. They do not involve the use of a downrod, instead, they are mounted directly on the bracket.

– Installation tips

Generally, both the installation steps and tips are almost similar for both indoor and outdoor ceiling fans. The following are the installation tips for indoor ceiling fans.
. Ensure that you first read and understand the user instruction manual to have an idea of how to go about it.
. Switch off the power at the main switch before you start the installation.
. Ensure that you have all the necessary tools required for the installation.
. Ensure that the fan has a clear space all-round to avoid obstructions that can damage the fan or both.
. Consult a technician to ensure that you follow the federal/local rules for electrical installation.
. Make sure that the fan parts are well fitted and the fan is properly installed.
. Ensure that your fan is ideal for your space. For instance, use a damp-rated fan for the bathrooms.

– Safety tips in use

Safety tips for using indoor ceiling fans include:

. Ensure that the fan is well mounted on a firmly mounted bracket. This ensures that the fan remains in position and can not fall from the ceiling.
. Ensure that the fan parts are assembled firmly to avoid breakages when in use.
. Finally, ensure that the fan is well installed as per the manufacturer’s instructions.
. Make sure that the fan leaves enough space from the floor to the bottom of the fan: a minimum of 7 feet as instructed by the National Electric Code.

Choosing high speed or low speed?

1. what determines ceiling fan speed

Generally, the ceiling fan speed is mainly determined by the motor, however, other factors also contribute to the speed.

– Motor

The motor is the primary factor that determines the speed of a ceiling fan. Usually, this is determined by the motor power: the more the power the higher the speed. The speed of a motor is measured in RPM, which is the speed at which the blades will spin. On the other hand, it is also the function of the motor to adjust the speed setting from high to low or otherwise.

– Shape and size of the blades

The shape and size of the blades do not contribute to the ceiling fan speed directly, but it can affect the speed in either way. Larger blades have more weight than smaller blades, thereby giving the motor more work to rotate them, hence, lesser speed than smaller blades. Also, very thick blades will require more force to rotate them, thereby reducing the power of the motor.

– Blade pitch

This is the angle of the blades as they rotate. Usually, the blades are not flat, instead, they are tilted to some extent. Generally, a ceiling fan with a relatively flat blade pitch requires less energy to move the blades through the air than those with steeper blade pitch, hence, higher speed.

2. High speed vs. low speed

Just like the names high speed and low speed, the main difference between these two types of fans is the speed. Both the high speed and the low-speed ceiling fans have their benefits.

– High-speed ceiling fans feature a more powerful motor than the low-speed ceiling fan, thereby enabling them to have a higher RPM than the latter. For instance, a standard low-speed 48-inch fan has a speed of 300 – 350 RPM while a high-speed has a speed over 380 RPM.
– A high-speed fan produces greater or excellent airflow throughout the room than a low-speed fan.
– On the other hand, a high-speed fan consumes more energy than a low-speed fan.
– A high-speed fan is ideal for areas with very high temperatures and a constant breeze is required, while the low-speed fan is ideal for areas with lower temperatures or those that require air distribution only.

3. How do I know what to choose

Choosing between a high-speed and a low-speed ceiling fan can be quite challenging to many. But having the following tips in mind, you will be in a better position while going for your shopping. They include

– Room size

The size of the room is one factor that will help you to know what to choose. Generally, a high-speed fan is the best option for large or extra-large rooms, while a low-speed fan is ideal for small rooms.
The height of the ceiling also contributes to the room size. A high-speed fan is best suited for higher ceilings than the latter. However, you can use a downrod to lower the fan height.

– Power source

Just like any other appliance, a ceiling fan requires enough power to work efficiently without overloading the circuit. Generally, a high-speed fan requires more energy than a low-speed fan. Therefore, knowing your ceiling electrical circuit, you can make the best choice.

– Intended purpose

The intended purpose of the ceiling fan also determines which to choose. For individuals who require maximum and constant breeze, then the best option is the high-speed fan and vice versa.

Is a bladeless ceiling fan a good choice?

Yes, bladeless ceiling fans are a good choice to consider buying. Generally, bladeless ceiling fans consume less energy than the normal/traditional ceiling fans with blades, while producing minimal or no noise. The ceiling fans provide a constant airflow for efficient cooling and comfort.

A bladeless ceiling fan involves the use of the air-multiplier technology to produce efficient airflow. The fan consists of a compressor located at the fan base that draws air in and then moves it towards the ring where it is pushed out through the slits, thereby producing a smooth air stream.

Besides, a bladeless ceiling fan is also easier to clean, safer, lighter, and allows buffeting which is not available in normal fans.

What styles of ceiling fan fits your home decoration

Generally, ceiling fans are designed with various styles to match various decors as well as meeting the customers’ tastes and preferences. The following are some of the styles to pick for your home decoration.

– Modern

Most individuals confuse between the modern style and the contemporary style. The ceiling fans with a modern design boast smooth metallic finishes, clean lines, simple blade design, warm neutral colors, and lesser adornment. It features a simple design and a sleek appearance. This style varies from Scandinavian design to mid-century design.

– Contemporary

The contemporary style features an attractive and eye-catching design. It is the best choice for individuals who love making their statement immediately you get in the room. Usually, the contemporary design is a perfect addition to any transitional and modern decor. Just like the modern design, it is characterized by smooth metallic finishes and clean lines. This style pairs perfectly with natural textiles, casual contemporary furniture, nickel, chrome, and stainless steel hardware.

– Farmhouse

The farmhouse design is one of the styles that have built their popularity to high levels in recent years. This style is relatively close to the traditional design style but has more decorative elements than the traditional style, thereby combining the traditional look with updated modern style. The elements include metallic finishes including brass, bronze, and nickel.

– Vintage

This is another type of ceiling fan design with traditional looks updated to the modern era. These fans feature nicely carved woodwork and other forms of art. The vintage design is a perfect completion of any decor with a historic or modern look. These fans are also mounted in a vintage style and are a great choice for individuals who love more of an old-fashioned flair.

– Chandelier type

This is another perfect option to add elegance to any decor and a very broad style. Unlike other styles, this style comes in a variety of designs ranging from modern chandelier design to craftsman chandelier design. This design is well known because of the statement creation that it provides, it involves the use of crystals to bring forth the welcoming ambiance. The chandelier-type design features a hand-rubbed antique finish with multiple lamps and several chandelier shapes.

About energy star and wet rated

1. What is Energy Star

The Energy Star is a symbol of high-efficiency certification. It is an internationally recognized symbol written on appliances certified for energy efficiency. This means that the product is energy-efficient with high performance while being pocket-friendly and eco-friendly as well. Usually, for a ceiling fan or any other product to be energy star certified, it must provide the required performance and features by the customers, besides being energy-efficient.

2. Why choosing an energy star ceiling fan

Energy star ceiling fans come with very crucial benefits, giving you the reasons why you need to choose them. The following are the reasons why you need to choose an energy star ceiling fan.

– Cost-saving

This is the very first reason you will need to have an energy star ceiling fan. Generally, air conditioners are very perfect for cooling our homes but they consume a lot of energy and are expensive to operate. Installing this fan will help cool down your room and provide you with exclusive comfort even during hot days. This will help you cut the energy bill up to 35 cents per hour, thereby saving your pocket a great mileage.

– Improved lifespan

Generally, energy star ceiling fans are modern fans, therefore, buying this fan means that besides energy efficiency, you get updated technology and material construction with an improved lifespan than the old models.

– Better lighting

Usually, most energy star ceiling fans come with an energy-efficient light kit with better and safe lighting. Therefore, there is no need for old lamps that are more energy consuming and harmful to the eyes. This also adds to the cost-saving benefit. Energy star ceiling fans come with efficient and versatile lights like the LED light that is safe for your family’s eyes.

– Eco-friendly

The fact that these fans are energy-efficient means that they are environmentally friendly. Energy star ceiling fans help you in minimizing your carbon footprint.

3. How much energy can energy star ceiling fan saves for me

Energy star ceiling fans are very beneficial when it comes to saving your energy cost. Generally, an air conditioner uses 36 cents per hour while an energy ceiling fan uses 1 cent per hour. This means that in one hour you can save up to 35 cents or $0.35 on your energy bill.
On the other hand, using an air conditioner together with an energy ceiling fan, you can save 4 – 8% on your energy bill.
In comparison to non-energy star fans, you can save up to 60% on your bill.

4. What is wet rated ceiling fan

Wet-rated ceiling fans are fans designed with rust-proof material construction as well as all-weather blades allowing them to withstand rain, snow, or any other direct contact with water or moisture. These ceiling fans are resistant to rusting and ideal for outdoor spaces.

5. When do I need a wet rated ceiling fan

Generally, a wet-rated ceiling fan is the best option for any outdoor space that you need to add extra comfort when relaxing. This fan is used to cool down outdoor spaces during the hot day as well as warming the space during cold seasons.
However, the wet-rated ceiling fan is required most when your outdoor space is exposed to direct contact with harsh weather conditions including rain, snow, moisture, or any other form of water.

6. What to consider on picking wet rated ceiling fans

There are several factors you ought to consider while picking your wet-rated ceiling fans. They include

– Wet rating

Regardless of picking a wet-rated ceiling fan, it is very crucial to ensure that the fan is wet-rated and not damp-rated. Although the two ratings are closely related, there is a very big difference between the two. Ensure your fan is specifically wet-rated.

– Salt-rated

People living along the shore require to consider the salt rating. Wet rating is not enough for such locations or those with salty air. Note that wet rating prevents rusting while the salt rating prevents corrosion, therefore, it is crucial to consider this factor for such locations.

– Unibody blades

Generally, there is a very high probability that the wet areas are also prone to strong winds. A wet-rated ceiling fan with unibody blades means that the fan features sturdy and strong blades with no blade holders. This prevents the fan parts from swaying or breaking during strong winds.

– Size and performance

The size of the fan and the performance are also key factors to consider. Having in mind that it’s not easy to select the right size for outdoor spaces, ensure that you choose an ideal size and great performance for efficient cooling of the hot open space.

– Light and remote control

Do you need extra comfort and style? Then it is important to consider these factors. The light function provides efficient and stylish illumination to your space while conserving energy. On the other hand, the remote control provides you with easy control of the ceiling fan right from your seat, hence exclusive comfort.

Best Ceiling Fans Reviews

For outdoor

Honeywell Palm Island Ceiling fan

If you are looking for something that can accommodate the décor of your outdoor space, then this product has everything you need. Its bronze finish makes it appropriate to different types of outdoor décor due to its stylish design. Apart from that, in case you want a quiet environment while spending your time outdoor, the motor of this fan is quiet enough hence zero noise production. Similarly, Honeywell Palm Island Ceiling fan has a reversible motor; therefore, it’s best for winter and summer. 5-inch blades are best for m3dium and large-sized outdoor spaces.


Honeywell Ceiling Fans

What makes Honeywell Ceiling Fan best for the bedroom is its quiet operation. Therefore you won’t be disturbed by the noise from the running motor. Similarly, it has multiple mounting choices whereby you can mount it with a downrod, flush-mount, and angle-mount techniques so that you can choose your preferred design. It also features easy control where you can comfortably use its remote control, even its speed while relaxing in your bedroom. Consequently, you can also illuminate your bedroom with it since it has three bulbs with different lighting methods. The reversible motor makes it best for both winter and summer.


Westinghouse Lighting Ceiling Fan

If you want to install a ceiling fan in your stairwell, then this brand is best suited for you due to its performance. It also has a reversible motor to change the blades’ direction hence a year-round use. Similarly, it has three fan speeds, which you can comfortably vary from low to medium to high speed. Also, it comes with lighting where its illumination makes your stairwell looks bright. The 24-inch blade makes it appropriate for rooms of up to 80 square feet; therefore, it could be your best option if your space matches it.


Prominence Home Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for the cheapest ceiling fan, this brand should be at the top of your list. It features a quiet and reversible motor; therefore, you can run it in summer and winter with zero noise production. This brand is best suited for rooms with around 350 square feet, such as dining rooms, bedrooms among other rooms. Similarly, it has a stylish finish; therefore, it can add décor to your space. What makes it unique is its compatibility with the universal ceiling fan remote controls. Consequently, it also has the best lighting where you can illuminate your room with it.


Odoland Portable LED Camping Ceiling Fan

Odoland is a well-equipped ceiling fan for camping since we all want something that will provide excellent airflow and good lighting. Therefore, if you’d like to set your tent in the dark, then you don’t have to worry about the lighting. You might be wondering about its battery capacity, but I can assure you that 2 D batteries are enough to light up for 37 hours and run for 15 hours when in a low-speed operation. Consequently, you can comfortably set your fan to your preferred speed, where you can vary between high and low-speed settings.


Prominence Home Almadale Ceiling Fan

Shop owners or workers usually spend most of the time working in the same space. Therefore, you may need something that will help you circulate fresh air and create a calm environment whenever it’s hot. Therefore, this is the best-suited brand since you can vary its speed depending on your needs. Similarly, you can even run it in reverse during the winter season since it has a reversible motor to circulate warm air. It also runs quietly; therefore, you won’t be disturbed by a noisy motor. Generally, if you are also concerned with your shop’s beauty, you don’t have to worry since its stylish finish, which makes it suitable for every décor.


A Million Crystal Ceiling Fan

When we talk of a luxury ceiling fan, we mean something that accommodates your lifestyle and makes your space more luxurious. Therefore, if you are looking for such a ceiling fan, this brand will cover your needs. Similarly, it is equipped with a lighting body, which gives your space a luxury sense. A Million Crystal Ceiling Fan features retractable acrylic blades that stretch out and put inside automatically when you turn it on or off. What makes it more unique is that you can vary its speed from low-mid-high to achieve the best luxury with it.


Westinghouse Lighting 7220500 Barnett Ceiling Fan

From our list, we can say that it is a stylish design, and it is designed for large rooms but can also be used in smaller spaces since you can control its speed. You are also assured of quiet performance since its motor doesn’t produce any noise. Similarly, the reverse motor makes it appropriate for summer and winter since you can change the fan blades’ direction. It is also equipped with a four-speed control where you can vary its speed and the lighting intensity. In other words, you can comfortably customize it to fit your needs.


Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan

Having a quiet ceiling fan can be the best option since you can install any rooms such as a study room or bedroom since it won’t produce any noise. Similarly, it is built with a reversible motor where you can change the fan blades’ direction during hot and cold seasons. The 48-inch blades are best suited for medium and large sized rooms; therefore, in other words, it fits most of the rooms. It also has a three-speed setting where you can change your ceiling fan’s speed by just using your remote control.


Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan

When it comes to the ceiling fan with the best lighting, this brand is the best product to have in your home. It comes with LED light bulbs, which allows you to customize its intensity whenever you need to. You might be wondering about the durability of these bulbs, but I can assure you that they have a longer lifespan. Similarly, it is compatible with a universal remote that allows you to adjust your ceiling fan’s brightness and speed. Consequently, it operates quietly, and its reversible motor makes it appropriate for both winter and summer.


BAYSQUIRREL Retractable Ceiling Fan

This is the best brand with a remote control where you can independently use it to control your ceiling fan’s speed and lighting. Apart from that, you can also use it to turn on the Bluetooth of your ceiling whenever you want to play music with it since it is equipped with music speakers. Generally, it deserves the best ceiling fan with remote control. Similarly, it has a 7-color light effect; therefore, you can change it to fit in your setting such that if you have a date in your home, you can turn on the romantic light while playing music with your ceiling fan. You can vary your fan’s speed from either low, medium, or high, depending on your preferred speed. It also has three lighting settings and four kinds of time settings. All we can say is that you can comfortably customize the performance of this ceiling fan.


Fanimation Studio Ceiling Fan

If you have a small room, you don’t need to dig a lot when looking for the best ceiling since there is a suitable brand. It’s a 13-inch fan that offers adequate airflow for smaller rooms. Similarly, it has a 3-speed setting; so, you can vary it depending on your needs. It also blends with a different type of décor due to its aged bronze finish. Therefore, we can say that it adds taste to your room décor. Even though it’s small in size, it features durable construction. Consequently, it can be the best option for your small space.


Honeywell 51035-01 Kaliza Ceiling Fan

This Honeywell model offers a powerful performance making it best for large rooms. It has a 3-speed motor where you can comfortably change its speed to your preferred one. Similarly, its motor operation can comfortably be reversed, thus changing the direction of the fan blades. It has an integrated LED that allows you to light up your room with it. Uniquely, you can easily control its operation by using the remote control; you can change the speed and the lighting. Consequently, this brand is compatible with Google Home and Alex. Therefore, you need to try this one!


Honeywell Carmel Ceiling Fan

This brand has 48-inch blades making it suitable for both media to large-sized rooms such as the living room, bedroom, dining room, and more. When it comes to how powerful it is, you need not worry since its construction majored on an incredible performance. It also features a quiet operation making it appropriate for all rooms, including study rooms, due to its zero-noise production. With the remote control, you can easily control the speed, lighting, and setup. Our pick can also rotate warm air during winter due to its reversible motor, and its design will add taste to your room décor.


Prominence Home 80034-01 Calico Ceiling Fan

If you need a ceiling fan that can cut down your energy costs, this brand should be on your list. The reversible fan blades can be reversed during winter hence saving on energy cost. Similarly, it has a unique finish; thus can blend with your home décor and its tri-mount compatibility offers you choices when mounting it. Apart from that, the motor runs quietly, making it suitable for all rooms such as bedrooms and study rooms. It is controlled by the remote control, where you can vary the fan blades’ speed, lighting, and quick setup.


Westinghouse 7861400 Industrial Ceiling Fan

It is a 56-inch ceiling fan, which makes it best suited for industrial as it is designed for large spaces of up to 400 square feet. This brand has a unique design, and its construction features a robust operation. Similarly, it is characterized by a high-quality motor, and it has a five-speed on and off fan control. What makes it unique is the high-speed airflow; therefore, you are assured of good air circulation in large spaces. Despite having a powerful motor, it operates quietly; hence should be considered when looking for a ceiling for industrial.


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