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Best Light Bulbs for Ceiling Fans – Brilliant Bulbs 2021

Having a ceiling fan in and of itself is not sufficient. You have to complement it with some lighting apparatus to make the rooms elegant to behold with the naked eyes.

How possible can that be, save for you gaining the necessary inspiration and guidance? We are here to provide those for you.

best led light bulbs for indoor ceiling fans


Types of Lights Ceiling Fans Bulbs Explained

We now offer explanations on the various kinds of best light bulbs for ceiling fans:

  • LED

Stands for the ‘Light Emitting Diode’.

It generates the light output when some voltage bombards a surface. This kind of bulb lasts longer and is more energy-efficient than many of the common alternatives.

  • Halogen

The Halogen bulbs generate light outputs that are bright but cool. It is a kind of incandescent lamp that also produces the light output that is richer in quality and bears a higher rating.

Considering the hard and tough nature of these bulbs, they also tend to last fairly long.

  • Fluorescent

If you are in an area that is generally hot and humid, you may attempt the fluorescent lighting apparatus.

Its light output is somewhat brighter and cooler at the same time. This bulb generates light output by absorbing heat and emitting some radiation or glow.

  • Incandescent light

This kind of light bulb contains a filament that heats and glows to generate the light output. It is also used to generate and furnish some heat in the interior spaces wherein it is fixed.

Most people decry the higher costs of operations that come along whenever the item is used.


How to Choose the Best Bulb for Your Ceiling Fan?

1. Determine your ceiling fan light bulb size

To determine the size of your best light bulbs for ceiling fans, there are some key factors that you need to think about.

  • Size of room

A larger room demands a larger bulb. It is only then that it may be sufficiently illuminated.

Smaller bulbs unfortunately can only deliver that much impact or scope on an area.

  • Necessary illumination

How much illumination are you looking at?

If you want a higher level or degree of illumination, the size of the bulb has to be similarly larger. That is given that they bear a higher wattage rating on the whole.

  • Intended length of use

How long do you intend to dedicate the bulb for use?

If it is for too long a duration of time, be sure to settle on one that is similarly larger. They are comprehensive and also tend to be stronger and more enduring.

Smaller ones may only be suited for impromptu engagements.

crystal light kit for indoor ceiling fans

2. Types of lights kits with ceiling fan

We now get to the kinds of best light bulbs for ceiling fans that are in vogue at the moment:

  • Downlight

As the name implies, this kind of kit is fixed at a roof or in a position that is high above a given floor surface. It sprays the rays of light downwards.

In most cases, it is mainly used in areas or rooms that are larger and are inhabited by many people at the same time.

  • Uplight

This is the exact opposite of the downlight. In this sense, the light bulb is fixed on the floor and beamed or pointed upwards.

It is mainly used to enhance shows and other live stage performances. Because of this, it finds minimal usage or application in common households or rooms.

  • Multi-light

Crowning it all is the multi-light. This multi-light is an apparatus that amalgamates many kinds of light sources, bulbs, and lighting technology ‘under one roof’.

It finds applicability in larger rooms that may not be impacted by only one kind of lighting apparatus. Needless to say, it is quite complex and costly to come by.

uplight and downlight bulbs for ceiling fans


Before You Buy

To pick the best light bulbs for ceiling fans, you need to think about the following issues:

– Is it the sole light?

If it is, then it has to be larger and brighter to be able to impact the entire room singlehandedly.

On the flip side, it may be small and dim if it is to be used in conjunction with the other lighting apparatus.

– Is it complement with other light fixtures?

If you want to use it on its own, be sure yet again that it is larger in size and brighter in scope. If you want to pair it with other gadgets, let it not be too large or bright.

– Is it installed in an extremely high ceiling?

If you want to do so in an extremely high ceiling, it has to be larger and brighter in the same breath. That is to guarantee the spread of the rays of light to every corner as can be.

– Is it used for decoration?

If your aim is mainly to decorate your ambiance, you have to choose one that is similarly elegant to behold with the naked eyes.

Such a lighting apparatus has to bear some chandelier shape and be packed with glossy or sparkling adornments all the while of use.


Best Light Bulbs for Ceiling Fans Review

Let us now review a couple of the best light bulbs for ceiling fans that the markets have to offer as followed:

  • Candelabra LED Bulbs

This is a bulb that comprises numerous arms. It is hence mainly useful for the matters of decorating an interior area and spreading the rays of light out.

Because of this, it may also serve decorative purposes in the rooms.

1. Best Decorative: Cotanic E12 Non-dimmable LED 60 Watts Bulbs for Ceiling Fans

cotanic led Candelabra Bulb for ceiling fans

This is a bulb that is exclusively meant for the matters of decorations.

It also has the added advantage of being brighter and capable of imbuing sufficient light in a room when dedicated for the same use.

Hardly flickers as other bulbs doProlonged use may damage the eyes
Safer to the hands and the human body
Does not dim or lose its vitality

All the decorations enthusiasts, this is the lighting apparatus for you to pick and make use of to spruce up your interiors, it makes the interior areas sparkle.

Unlike other lamps, this is safer to touch and hold on for too long. Even when you have to work with it for longer, it stays a safer and better place.

Its brightness levels get to the 4,000K threshold. This is definitely bright enough to imbue your room while at the same time eliminating all forms of ambiguities and eligibilities.

However, its structural makeup is a bit too delicate and hence in need of constant repairs and overall maintenance. You will hence have to exercise great care when handling the same.

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2. Best for Large Area: Hansang Candelabra LED Ceiling Fan Bulbs for Hall or Large Area Illuminator

hansang non-dimmable led light bulbs for living room

Wishing to illuminate a truly large hall or area?

Choose this one that comes about as a 6-pack packaging. With its numerous lighting materials come the ability to impact an entire area completely.

Does not expend too much energyToo strong for closed spaces and areas
Simpler on the whole to install and operationalize
Lasts fairly longer than many other bulbs

The lamp is specifically made for impacting areas that are larger than average. These include halls and too large open spaces.

It makes these areas exceptionally visible and devoid of any ambiguities.

When used, it eliminates those obstacles that may hamper visibility while at the same time enable you to behold the images without too much straining.

Though bright, the light output is safer for your eyes and that of your household.

It also brings the added advantage of not dimming unnecessarily when the same is activated for eventual usage.

But this bulb is not dimmable. which means you cannot conserve energy especially if the time of the day experiences sufficiently high levels of illumination.

Even though the gadget does not dim, it still doesn’t mean that you will not conserve your energy. You may still achieve that through the manual approaches.

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3. Best Dimmable: Cotanic Dimmable LED Bulbs for Multifaceted Lighting Needs and Operations

fully dimmable function led ceiling fans bulbs

Some lighting needs and settings require you to vary the nature and the intensity of the light outputs. These are feats you can never achieve with any other apparatus you pick at random. Try this one!

Cuts down the potentially high utility bills that come alongDemands some fairly high degree of expertise
Backed by generous customer service in the back-end
Emits natural lighting outputs

The lamp gives you the power to channel the lighting output to the precise places and locations where you may need it.

Then again, it also empowers you to increase or diffuse the intensity as per your wish.

Most people who have already attempted it have noted much success and great improvements in the quality and illumination of their lighting when compared to the other bulbs.

It stands apart from the rest in the sense of the 100% dimmable function. You use this one to set and vary the desirable degree or extent of the light output you may need at any given time.

Besides, this bulb also serves some decorative ends. You may hence consider tapping into it to enhance the beauty of your interior décor and areas.

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  • Mini Candelabra LED Bulbs

These are much like the candelabra bulbs save for their sizes. They tend to be smaller and more compact than the full-fledged candelabra bulbs.

Nonetheless, they are also able to offer the same degree of efficacy that such bulbs ordinarily do.

We review a couple of them here below for your consideration:

1. Save Most Energy: GENG SHANG E11 Energy-efficient Dimmable Light Bulb for Interior Comfort and Warmth

led daylights ceiling fans bulbs 120 V

This bulb produces warmth and also tends to keep the interior occupants a little bit more comfortable.

Dims and brightens as per your unique needsIts reach is somewhat limited
May pair and work alongside many other items
Small enough to fit the packed spaces

The lamp saves or cuts down on the power consumption in the sense that it plays the role of illuminating your interiors while at the same time also creating some warmth therein.

Indeed, many of the people who attempted it have experienced a whopping 15% drop in utility expenses.

It generally consumes lower levels of electrical energy (roughly 8W) but at the same time give more brightness. That means you get more for less by opting to have it illuminate your interiors.

However, this gadget can only operate within the voltage ratings of 110V to 120V. It may not offer much value to those who are located outside these areas.

If you must use it outside these areas, you may have to invest in a voltage adapter.

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2. The Longest Lifespan: LiteHistory E12 Candelabra Ceiling Fan LED Bulb with 2-year Warranty 

 LiteHistory E12 led bulb for best ceiling fans

If you are mainly intent on decorating your interiors, you have no better companion than this bulb.

It bears some decorative gears mainly in the form of the chandelier appearances that are quite breathtaking.

Cares for your eyes and the faceDisparages those who lack the necessary technical expertise
Applicable in many areas and places
Its light output does not flicker or fade with time

Stemming from the chandelier makeup of the lighting apparatus, it is the ultimate decorative gear you may have to set your eyes on to make your interiors appear fashionable and elegant.

This is a lighting gadget you pick and use exclusively in your living rooms. The chandelier version and overall appearance indeed makes the rooms sparkle and exhibit some elegance.

In many of the rooms where the apparatus has been mounted, the end result has been spectacular and great to the eyes.

Its size, when compared to those of the many alternatives is quite small and compact. It is hence more convenient to engage with the bare hands and transport out and about a designated area.

Packed into this bulb are numerous highly technical features and parts. Common examples of these are short circuit protection and overload protection.

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  • Intermediate LED Bulbs

These are found widely used in the living rooms, hallways, and verandahs are the chiefs of these areas.

Then again they may also serve decorative ends over and above merely illuminating your spaces.

1. Best with Natural Light: JandCase E17 Globe LED Non-dimmable Light Bulb

JandCase E17 Globe LED Non-dimmable Light Bulb

Of all the lighting apparatus we have, this seems to be able to serve the highest number of tasks or purposes. You may use it to read, illuminate an area, or decorate a space alongside others.

Truly energy-efficient and profitable to useRequires many other extras to operate fully
Very friendly to the environment
Does not emit infrared and the Ultraviolet radiation

From its designation, the lamp is properly equipped for reading and other engagements when in the rooms. You hence have to look up to it for your reading and recreational uses that transpire indoors.

When fixed appropriately in place, the item delivers an unimpeded flow of light that illuminates your rooms sufficiently and without any iota of ambiguities at all.

The lamp’s exceptionally high levels of illumination do drive away all the shadows that are largely known to block the visibility of the readers and cause them to strain when having their ways.

Thanks to this intermediate size, the item is also largely compatible with many of the common lighting fixtures we have around.

When triggered for use, it discharges some natural daylight light that is also white in color. That makes it good enough to expel all the darkness that may reside in an area and allow for maximum visibility.

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2. Most Suitable for Livingroom: Tento Lighting E17 Globe Intermediate Edison Base Daylight Bulb for Ceiling Fans

Tento Lighting E17 120V Energy-saving Room Ceiling Fan Bulbs

Seeking a lighting apparatus to use consistently for a prolonged duration of time?

Set your eyes on this. It is durable and at the same time also saves the energy used, a fact that leads to reduced utility expenses.

Able to alter the angles of the beamsLikely to become too obsolete too soon
Simpler and convenient to carry around
Fits in many bulb holders for easy transportation

In case you care too much about the costs of utility, you may need to tap into this specific gadget.

Its energy-saving character is certainly capable of driving down the costs of operations by a significant margin.

The bulb saves energy by way of greatly minimizing the possible losses in the form of heat. Also, it takes in less power and amplifies the output to generate greatly bright light ends.

Its light output is warmer and brighter as the daylight sunlight may often be. This falls within the range of 5,000K to 6,000K and provides some fresh atmosphere to the rooms as well.

Only one thing that may not that perfect. Because this bulb sparkles a bright illumination, it is hence not great for those who may have eyesight issues.

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  • Medium Base LED Lights

The medium base lighting apparatus is so-called because its base is neither too large nor too small. That makes it able to pair and work alongside many other light fixtures in a typical room.

It finds much relevance and uses in areas that are moderately larger like the living spaces.

1. Best Eye-caring: Comzler LED Ceiling Fans 60 Watt Equivalent Bulb that Good for Eyesight

Comzler LED Eye-caring Ceiling Fan Light Bulb

This specific bulb is mainly intended for decorative purposes.

You have it for the taking and consideration if you just want to make your interior spaces appear extra elegant.

Great for your eyesightIts brightness levels are somewhat lower
Unlikely to harm or imperil the environment
Lasts a whopping 30,000 hours

Thanks to the small stature, the gadget is able to fit those spaces that are cramped up.

At the same time, it also impacts the entire length and breadth of the room with an exceptional degree of efficacy.

At its core is the energy-saving bulb that bears the 60W rating. This enables it to save your energy while at the same time deliver truly glowing and legible beams of illumination inside your rooms.

Each ray of light it generates exhibits a high color rendering index. This means it is able to generate a sufficiently high level of color-recognition and illumination.

A small problem may occur. Many decorative lamps have their flames flickering to produce some effects.

So, the lamp may have limited impacts and effects besides merely making your interiors legible.

Have a smaller room? This no doubt is the apparatus you might have to set your eyes on!

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2. Most Compatible: SHINESTAR Daylight White Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs for Various Use

SHINESTAR daylight white veiling fans bulbs

This bulb is able to mimic the daylight levels of illumination. It might hence be a great one to set your eyes on if yours is a room that is too dark to allow for smoother walking and working.

Compatible with many light fixturesInappropriate for those with sensitive eyes
Performs exceptionally well in the rooms
Emits sufficiently high levels of brightness

When used alongside many other apparatus, the gadget does confer some awesome ends.

You only have to take care that the constituent parts and components blend well without any inconsistencies.

Many people have noted that the item ups the elegance and aesthetics of the interior and the bathrooms where the same have been deployed for engagements.

The bulb has the ability to save a whopping 90% of the electrical energy. Because of this, it is a great tool to use if you have a limited financial resource base at your disposal.

Further to the above, it also emits a whopping 5,000K of light output. This is sufficient to illuminate the entire length and breadth of the spaces you have to allow for unconstrained engagements.

But, owing to the small and compact nature of the bulb, it does have a minimal reach indeed.

Its rays of light cannot get to areas that are beyond the scope of a typical bathroom and are hence severely limited.

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Reading these wonderful explanations about the best light bulbs for ceiling fans is not enough, certainly. You have to go beyond that to also consider making a purchase of any of these lighting apparatus above.

How else can you gain and enjoy the benefits they potentially bring along? Go for them!

Photo Title Buy
Cotanic E12 LED...image Best Decorative: Cotanic E12 Non-dimmable LED 60 Watts Bulbs for Ceiling Fans
Hansang E12 Candelabra...image Best for Large Area: Hansang Candelabra LED Ceiling Fan Bulbs for Hall or Large Area Illuminator
Cotanic Dimmable E12...image Best Dimmable: Cotanic Dimmable LED Bulbs for Multifaceted Lighting Needs and Operations
LiteHistory E12 led...image The Longest Lifespan: LiteHistory E12 Candelabra Ceiling Fan LED Bulb with 2-year Warranty
JandCase BR30 LED...image Best with Natural Light: JandCase E17 Globe LED Non-dimmable Light Bulb
tento Lighting Energy...image Most Suitable for Livingroom: Tento Lighting E17 Globe Intermediate Edison Base Daylight Bulb for Ceiling Fans
comzler 6W A15...image Best Eye-caring: Comzler LED Ceiling Fans 60 Watt Equivalent Bulb that Good for Eyesight
SHINESTAR 8-Pack A15...image Most Compatible: SHINESTAR Daylight White Ceiling Fan Light Bulbs for Various Use
G9 LED Light...image Save Most Energy: GENG SHANG E11 Energy-efficient Dimmable Light Bulb for  Interior Comfort and Warmth
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