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6 Fabulous Ceiling Fan for Girls Bedroom

Considering getting the best ceiling fan for girls bedroom? There are a lot of factors that you need to think about including room size and decoration styles.

A ceiling fan can help ventilate the air and serving a cooling function. Some of them can also provide illumination to the room.

Therefore, other than putting many decorations in your girls’ room, a beautiful and functional ceiling fan will be a better choice to satisfy your needs in all aspects.

We have listed some useful tips in the following concerning selection to help you choose the right one for your girl, and offer some recommendations of this kind.

pink indoor ceiling fan for girls bedroom


Choosing Suitable Ceiling Fans for Girls Bedroom

Finding the most suitable ceiling fan for girls’ bedroom can be quite hard. To all your benefits, we have researched a lot and listed some factors that you need to consider when selecting and provides useful suggestions for you to make your choice.


The choice between the size of the room and the size of the fan goes hand in hand. What do I mean? If your girl’s room is small in size, then you will require getting a small fan to ensure there is balanced airflow in the room. A large fan will not work for small rooms since it blows too much air; hence, resulting in a too-cold room and vice versa.


The ceiling fans come in two styles. Some models are equipped with lighting in the middle, and others do not. Choosing a fan that has illumination helps boost lighting in the room.

This also reduces power consumption in the room since you can use the ceiling fan’s lamp if it has good lighting. But, if you have enough bulbs in the room, choose a model that does not have a light bulb.

Ceiling fans and Bunk Beds

If you are looking for a fan to install in your girl’s room with a bunk bed, the fan’s style will matter a lot. You need a fan that gives enough airflow without making it uncomfortable for the person sleeping on top.


As you buy a perfect fan to cool your girl’s room, you also need to consider how long the fan will serve them. So, buy a fan that guarantees longevity and is easy to maintain as such models guarantee comprehensive services.

Are you planning to renovate your girls’ room, and you need a way to pimp up their ceiling fans? Long gone are times when the ceiling fans looked dull with just light illuminating downwards.

Now ceiling fans are crafted with decorative features that emphasize their look, and others can be decorated using decor pieces.

If the fans are still functional, you can decorate them to match up with other decors in the room.

stunning ceiling fan for little girls room


Small Tips on Decorating the Ceiling Fan in Girls’ Bedroom

In order to help you make the best choice, we have offered you some tips in the following.

Match Designs with Your Girls’ Room

Unlike before, where the ceiling fans were crafted using dull colors and finishes, the current models are made with unique and multiple designs. So, you can opt for ceiling fans that match the decor pieces in the room. For example, if you have crystal lamps on the bedroom wall’s sides, opt for a fan with crystal finishes to match the lights.

Repaint the Fan

This is a crucial idea for people working on a budget. You don’t need to stay stuck with a fan that does not appeal to your eyes as it may take away the beautiful finishes of the girl’s room. So, paint it to your preferred color, and you will be good to go.

Switch the Fan Bulb Style

If you had initially installed a beautiful ceiling fan with a bulb, you could improve the fan’s look without necessarily changing it entirely. So, change the bulb to another color or add a bulb that adds a mood you want in the room. Please note LED bulbs are the perfect option for ceiling fans as they are versatile.


Top 6 Ceiling Fan for Girls Bedroom

1. Best with Chandelier: Prominence Home Elsa Pink Girls Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Crystal Lamp Shades

Beatuiful 44-inch pink girls bedroom ceiling fan

With this beautiful ceiling fan from Prominence Home Elsa, you don’t need to buy multiple ceiling fixtures for decor purposes. It is a 3 in 1 ceiling fan that provides good airflow, adds decoration to the room, and provides light illumination. The color blend of white and pink matte finish makes the room look effortlessly beautiful.

The ceiling fan has three pink chandeliers finished with beautiful details at the base. Each chandelier has lamps that bring out lighting to the room when the fan is switched on.

This fan is perfect for a small to a medium room since it can conveniently provide airflow to a room measuring 300 to 350 feet square. It has reversible blades, and the speed adjusts in three intervals.

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2. Best Overall: Oceano 23-inch Bladeless Girls Room 6-speed Mode Ceiling Fan

bladeless pink ceiling fan for girls bedroom

With around 6-speed intervals to choose from, this is a perfect decor ceiling fan that will serve your girl throughout the years.

This is because you can easily regulate the fan’s speed depending on the climates of the surroundings. The ceiling fan is also equipped with an LED bulb to boost illumination in your room.

But, if the space is too small, you can use the fan bulb instead. It comes in multiple colors, so you can get the perfect color to blend with the finishing of your girl’s room.

Interchanging the speeds on this fan is easy since it comes with a remote for control purposes. The LED light on this fan lights up in three modes, including a dim mode.

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3. Best Intelligent: MoreChange 42-inch Bluetooth Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote

Smart girls bedroom ceiling fan with dimmable lights

A 3 in 1 model that provides a cooling effect adds decor and has a bulb to light the room. This is a smart ceiling fan integrated with a speaker such that you can play your favorite soothing music from it.

Controlling the fan has been made easy. If you want to create different light modes in the room, this ceiling fan is equipped with seven options. And, you can always dim it if the light is too much for your eyes.

In case you want to control the fan from your phone, download either the Smart Lamp Pro app or Tick Light app on your smartphone.

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4. Best Decorative: Hall of Lamp Crystal 36-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades 

36-inch elegant girls bedroom ceiling fan

The contemporary finishing is excellent for any room since it has neutral colors that do not contradict room finishing. This fan is equipped with three 36- inch blades retractable when the fan is no longer needed.

As a multifunctional ceiling fan, you can still utilize it for decor or lighting even when the fan is not functioning.

The fan function has three speed-control options, and the lamp is designed with a timer to control energy usage in the room.

Did I mention this ceiling fan comes with a remote? So no struggling to get up from bed to switch on or off the fan.

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5. Best Design: Hunter Fan Company Brushed Nickel Reversible Motor Ceiling Fan

the best ceiling fan for girls bedroom colorful

This is a fan designed to accommodate all seasons thanks to the five reversible blades design. You can quickly switch the direction of the blades during the summer to winter seasons.

The ceiling fan is crafted with premium and quality materials of Aluminum, resin, glass, plastic, and metal on various parts.

The brushed finishing ensures the fan looks new and gives good reflections at night. Another thing you will love for sure love about this fan is the installation mode.

The fan allows you to install it in three different modes. Meaning; you can install it in a standard, low, or angled mounting mode. This fan comes attached with a control chain for pulling down when switching on and off.

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6. Best Colorful: Westinghouse Lighting 30-inch Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Powerful Motor and Lights

30-inch small ceiling fan for girls bedroom

Looking for a way you can add a few colors to the ceiling without taking away the entire finish of your girl’s room?

This fan is a perfect choice. The fan is designed with five blades featuring varying colors to add multicolor finishing to your bedroom ceiling. Nonetheless, this ceiling fan is equipped with a large LED lamp for excellent illumination in the room.

This ceiling fan is an excellent choice for a small room since it works in rooms measuring around 100 feet square.

It has a powerful motor that still works in low sound to ensure you get excellent airflow without causing distractions while sleeping.

For quality assurance, this fan comes with a 2-year warranty on all parts.

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Three Top Decorations You Can Choose from

1. SogYupk Magnificent Crystal 50mm Pink Crystal Pull Chain

ceiling fan decorations for girls bedroom

Crystals always dazzle when they come to contact with lighting, and these fan crystals will make your fan look gorgeous. One pack of the SogYupk crystals consists of two pieces to install them in different styles.

What I love about these crystal fan decors is that they are perfect to fit on different sizes of fans.

They are connected with a chrome beaded chain that you can cut to the required size. They are made with quality materials that guarantee durability and the pink color makes the room look great.

2. Pink Crystal Glass Ice Cracked Ball for Ceiling Fan Lights Decoration

pink pull chain for girls bedroom ceiling fan

When we talk of futureproof, these ceiling fan crystals are evident of that. The crystal decors balls are made of pure premium crystal materials that ensure prolong usage.

The crystal design gives the room a warm and beautiful light reflection when the lights are turned on.

Do you have the pull-down ceiling fan style? Well, these chains will suit you since they can be attached to the pull rod. They also eliminate the dull feature of the rod by adding a beautiful crystal chrome chain feature.

To get better ceiling fan decor using the crystal balls, use it with a fan equipped with a light.

3. Pink Unicorn Ceiling Fan or Light Pull Chain with Embedded Silver Stars for Girls

pink unicorn ceiling fan accessory for girls bedroom

Does your girl love a unicorn? This is a beautiful masterpiece to incorporate in her bedroom decor finishes and, to be precise, on the ceiling fan. The pull-down ceiling fan decor is equipped with both silver and pink unicorn features.

You can also install the decor to a pull-down rod fan if you want to spice the entire fan look.

This decor piece has a 12-inch chrome chain attached to the two unicorn decor pieces. Note that you can adjust the sizing by cutting the chain if the room has a low ceiling style.


Final Thoughts

Ceiling fans are some of the most recommendable fixtures to decorate the girls’ rooms. There are numerous ways that you can spice up the ceiling using fans.

If you still have functional fans in the room, opt for decor pieces designed to decorate existing fans. If you are looking for great fans that also make the room pop up, consider fans made with decor and light features.

This article has provided a review of the top 3 best decorations to add to ceiling fans and seven decor ceiling fans you can use on your girl’s ceiling. Therefore, check them out and use our guide to help you choose the right ceiling fan for your lovely girl.

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Prominence Home Elsa,...image Best with Chandelier: Prominence Home Elsa Pink Girls Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Crystal Lamp Shades
Todays Fans Oceano...image Best Overall: Oceano 23-inch Bladeless Girls Room 6-speed Mode Ceiling Fan
MoreChange 42” Retractable...image Best Intelligent: MoreChange 42-inch Bluetooth Ceiling Fan with Lights and Remote
Hall of Lamp...image Best Decorative: Hall of Lamp Crystal 36-inch Indoor Ceiling Fan with Retractable Blades 
Hunter Fan Company...image Best Design: Hunter Fan Company Brushed Nickel Reversible Motor Ceiling Fan
Westinghouse Lighting 7223600...image Best Colorful: Westinghouse Lighting 30-inch Roundabout Indoor Ceiling Fan with Powerful Motor and Lights
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