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Choose the Best Ceiling Fans for Your Bedroom!

Choosing the best ceiling fans for bedroom can be quite hard. The bedroom ceiling fan is useful for ventilation and makes the air in your bedroom as fresh as new every day.

It will even bring you more benefits during the hot days, as it can cool you down and help your bedroom achieve a comfortable status.

To better assist you to make your decision, we are here to give you useful advice towards selection and offer you some of the best products in the market.

Continue reading and find the information you need for the best ceiling fans for bedroom!

best type of bedroom ceiling fan for bedroom


How to Choose the Best Ceiling Fans For Bedroom?

To better help you get your bedroom ceiling fan, we have listed some useful tips and considerations for you to make your choices quickly and easily.

1. Bedroom Size

The size of the bedroom is essential data while choosing an appropriate ceiling fan.

Generally, except for fans designed for children, the size of indoor ceiling fans is from 42 to 54-inch. Some bigger-sized fans may need to specially-made. Details for choosing based on room size are in the following:

Room SizeFan Size
144 to 225 square feet44 to 52-inch
Up to 144 square feet36 to 42-inch
More than 225 square feet52 to 60-inch (special-made for extremely large bedrooms)

2. Ceiling Height

Most ceiling fan installations require a minimum height of 8 feet from the fan’s tip to the ground.

However, suppose you are thinking of buying a metal one or a bedroom ceiling fan made of other unique materials. In that case, you’d better have a longer distance from the ground, for example, 10 feet, or ask for professional people for advice.

#3. Mounting Types

Based on different ceiling heights, various hanging types are optional for you. We highly recommend bedrooms with low profiles to install the fan through flush-mounting.

Down-rods are prepared for you to install a ceiling fan on a higher ceiling. If your bedroom has an angled or sloped ceiling, adapters will be quite useful.

However, you may need to ask for a special-made from the manufacturer if you have an extremely spacious bedroom with super high ceilings.

master bedroom with ceiling fan

4. Noise Level

Most of the contemporary ceiling fans have reached a high level of quietness to build a comfortable sleeping atmosphere for you.

Nevertheless, sometimes it is tough to eliminate the sound when the fan works at its highest speed. Some tiny humming may occur under this circumstance.

We suggest you not worry too much about this problem. It will not become too loud and annoying, and you can consider it as a white noise, which is beneficial for your sleep.

5. Designs/Styles

Fan styles can be diverse. It is suggested that you have a conception of what type of style you are looking for before you start browsing, saving you a lot of time and effort.

We have some general tips for you to choose from. For example, suppose you search for a modern-looking indoor ceiling fan for your bedroom.

In that case, a simple-designed fan made of metal may satisfy your needs. White colors are quite popular in this type.

We understand that if you want a unique or exquisite fan for your room for decoration, then those fans with crystal lights can be an excellent option for you.

decorative ceiling fans for bedroom

6. Brands

We have listed some of the top and trustworthy brands in the fields of ceiling fans:

– Hunter Fan Company (Casablanca Fan Company belongs to Hunter)

As a fan brand that originated hundreds of years ago, the Hunter Fan Company has been one of the fan business’s leading brands. Innovation is the primary reason that they can become world-widely famous.

Traditional and classic look, quality metal blades, and super quiet motor are some essential features that why an increasing number of people are willing to purchase from Hunter.

– Emerson Ceiling Fans

Compared to the ceiling fans of other brands, the Emerson Ceiling Fans stands out from the crowd due to its diverse types of designs and the fans’ decorative character.

Also, these fans from Emerson are excellent in providing illumination within the room.

– Minka Aire Ceiling Fans

In terms of the selection of indoor ceiling fans, whether this fan is energy rated is an important factor for people to consider. Minka-Aire is qualified to satisfy your needs at this level.

Besides, it is hard to find other similar ceiling fans that can improve the airflow so efficiently to ventilate the air inside like this brand.

7. Lights

Not every person has the requirement of illumination. However, for your convenience, many indoor ceiling fans are equipped with a light kit. LED bulbs, bowl light kit, and Halogen lights are some common types of lights.

Specifically, LED lights are more energy-saving than other varieties; bowl lights are always come with a more elegant and soft illumination. And Halogen lights are warmer and brighter but consume relatively more energy than LED bulbs.

So if you want to save energy, LED is the best option for you. The need for brighter illumination can be met with Halogen light, while the bowl one is more suitable for decorations.

8. Blades

It is essential to check whether the blades are included in your purchase before the final decision. Generally, fan blade numbers are from 3 to 5.

The more the fan blades, the less efficient it may be. But, more or fewer fan blades are specially designed according to different styles of ceiling fans.

romantic ceiling fan for bedroom

9. Motor Type

In the current market, two motor types are used to power the ceiling fan, Alternating Current (AC) and Direct Current (DC).

Typically, a DC motor can save more electronic energy than an AC motor. It looks more modern and sleek compared to the AC motor, and quieter as well.

On the other side, the AC motor uses the domestic grid’s power, which is easier and cheaper to get and maintain.

Besides, because of its affordable price and high availability, more control options are accessible.

Therefore, if your budget is not sufficient, a bedroom ceiling fan with an AC motor is the one you are looking for. On the other hand, the DC motor helps save energy.

10. Control Types

Indoor ceiling fans have two types of control options, which are pulling chains and remote. Some ceiling fans are more intelligent and can be operated via people’s voices.

People who prefer to control the fan on their phones or other electronic devices can opt for those with a smart remote.

You may need to download apps on your devices to control the ceiling fan in your bedroom. Or a more traditional pull chain is also available for you.

ceiling fan controls smart and handheld

11. Energy Rated

Whether a ceiling fan is energy efficient can be measured by the Energy Star rating. When selecting a bedroom ceiling fan, motor, and light efficiency are two essential factors to consider.

LED lights are the most energy-saving type compared to other varieties, and you’d better check the instructions about whether the motor is energy star rated or not before purchasing it.


9 Best Bedroom Ceiling Fans Review

1. Best Overall: Big Ass Fans Haiku L 52-inch Intelligent White Indoor Ceiling Fan for Indoor Use

noiseless bedroom ceiling fan with dimmable lights


  • Size: 52 inches
  • Noise Level: 4.5/5
  • Mounting: Down-rod mount or universal mount
  • Shining Feature: 16 levels of led lights
7-speed settingsPricey
The remote control that can be operated on the phone app
Able to rotate 25% more air than other 52-inch indoor ceiling fans
Voice control via Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant
3 modes: sleep/whoosh/timer

As a fan that used for the bedroom, this one is overall great from all aspects. Some people may give it up for its high price, but we promise you that you will get what you pay for!

The intelligent control, quiet and powerful motor, diverse lights, and speed settings are some other great features that you may love.

And you will find it super convenient to adjust the speed and illumination level as you wish.

Another highlight of this fan is at night, the whoosh mode can produce some natural, gentle sounds that help calm you down and better prepare for your sweet dreams.

Final Thoughts: This fan is a great choice for medium-sized bedrooms and angled ceilings up to 33 degrees.

And if you are looking for an overall good-looking and functional bedroom ceiling fan, this one is perfect for you.

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2. The Quietest: Honeywell Industrial Style Noiseless Bedroom Ceiling Fan

Best quiet Matte black ceiling fan for bedroom


  • Color: Matte Black
  • Size: 52 inches
  • Noise Level: 4.7/5
  • Mounting: standard/down-rod mount/flush-mount
  • Shining Feature: reversible motor
Super quietMay consume longer time to install
3-speed settings
Multiple hanging options
Dimmable LED light bulbs

The silent working condition of this stylish indoor ceiling fan has been highly praised.

One crucial factor of installing a ceiling fan in the bedroom is the quietness because a low noise level will contribute significantly to your comfortable sleep. All the people searching for noiseless will be satisfied with this fan.

Besides, you can also find it quite useful during the winter times because the reversible motor can effectively retain the warm air within the bedroom in winter, which is beneficial to save energy generated by the air-conditioner.

Tiny problems may come from its installation. However, instructions will be useful to handle this issue.

Final Thoughts: Noise is harmful to your sleep, but the Honeywell Industrial Style Super Quiet Bedroom Ceiling Fan has no problem in this aspect and is applicable for bedrooms from around 12 m² to 30 m².

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3. Most Suitable for Kids: Hunter Fan Company 48-inch Circular-Shape Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motor

Brushed Nickel 48-inch bedroom ceiling fan


  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Size: 48-inch
  • Noise Level: 3.8/5
  • Mounting: standard/low mount/angled mount
  • Shining Feature: corded power source
Cute appearanceNot so bright illumination
Save space
Reasonable price

This adorable and small-sized ceiling fan from Hunter Fan Company is painted and finished in the beautiful color of brushed nickel, and the whole fan is made in a lovely flower shape with stars on the blades, we believe the kids will love it at first sight.

From the functional level, due to its reversible motor, it is useful in both winter and summer to build a more cozy environment for your kids.

You will not regret buying such a useful ceiling fan for kids at a reasonable price.

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4. Best Modern: Minka-Aire Light Wave Silver Style Ceiling Fan for a Contemporary Style Living Space

Bedroom Ceiling Fan with a modern look


  • Size: 52-inch
  • Noise Level: 4/5
  • Mounting: standard/can be adapted up to 21°/ from 21 °to 45°ceilings via solely sold equipment
  • Shining Feature: Energy Star Certification
Modern styleNot super quiet at high speed
Sufficient brightness

The Minka-Aire Light Wave Silver Ceiling Fan can bring your bedroom a modern and contemporary feeling.

Its artistic silver body and blades are all in excellent quality craft, and you will feel yourself walking in a beautiful art gallery when it comes to performance.

Many people have it because it can replace the traditional, energy-consuming bulbs and illuminate the whole room with sufficient and energy-saving light. Try using it and save energy for other uses in your home.

Only one issue may seem not so great, small humming may occur when it is in the highest speed mode. But this will not be a severe problem as the sound is tiny.

Final Thoughts: This modern look fan is a perfect choice for someone who wants to add a sense of sleekness and contemporary feel to his/her bedroom, it won’t let you down.

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5. Best Unique: Honeywell 52-inch Tropical Indoor Ceiling Fan with Leaf-shape Blades

Honeywell 52-inch tropical indoor ceiling fan


  • Size: 52-inch
  • Noise Level: 4.2/5
  • Mounting: down-rod mount/angled mount/close mount
  • Shining Feature: Glass bowl light
Unique appearanceCost longer time for installation
Great air circulation function
Reversible motor

Keeping close attention to this Honeywell 52-inch tropical indoor ceiling fan with leaf-shaped blades. The designer gives it a stunning appearance and uses many different materials, including metal, glass, and wood, to increase its uniqueness.

The five oil-finished leaf-shaped blades will provide you an unparalleled tropical feeling, the sensation is more intense if you are having your lovely house by the beach or sea.

This fan is also famous for its strong ability to rotate indoor air. By using it, keeping the air in your bedroom as fresh as new is becoming much easier and convenient.

Final Thought: Finding an indoor ceiling fan that can wonderfully decorate your bedroom and has diverse functions at the same time?

Do not think twice about this Honeywell 52-inch Tropical Indoor Ceiling Fan with leaf-shape blades!

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6. Best with Lights: Hunter Builder Plus Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Brilliant Illumination Function

Hunter Led lights Indoor ceiling fan


  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Size: 52-inch
  • Noise Level: 4.6/5
  • Mounting: flush mount
  • Shining Feature: Dimmable LED lights
Reversible motorNot energy rated
Easy Installation
Powerful Airflow

If you have a strong desire to illuminate the whole bedroom without taking up too much space for the ceiling, this Hunter Builder Plus ceiling fan for bedrooms will be your best option for your requirement.

This fan is equipped with dimmable LED lights, which can easily adjust the brightness according to your demands.

Its strong capability of providing bright lights is highly praised by people. No matter how much light you need, I believe you can find the type that suits you with this bedroom ceiling fan.

Final Thoughts: Other advantages of this stylish and functional fan, including its quiet and super powerful motor and easy installation, are all preferable by people who purchased it.

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7. Best for Large Bedrooms: Minka-Aire Light Wave 3-speed Brown Ceiling Fan with Remote

Minka-Aire Light Wave Brown ceiling fan for bedroom


  • Color: Brushed Nickel
  • Noise Level: 3.8/5
  • Size: 52-inch
  • Mounting: standard mount
  • Shining Feature: hand-held remote
Dimmable LED lightsSlight noise at the highest speed level
Attractive and stylish shape
Reasonable price
Ideal for master/large bedrooms

Selecting an ideal ceiling fan for the master or larger bedroom can be a more challenging task than choosing one for other room types. We have researched the most appropriate one for you.

This Minka-Aire Light Wave 52-inch Brown Ceiling Fan is a big-sized indoor ceiling fan that is all made of quality metal, and its presence can add sleekness to your bedroom.

It has large and wide blades that can rotate the air more efficiently, which is perfectly suitable in large and master bedroom.

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8. Best for Medium-sized/Small Rooms: Hunter 44-inch White Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light

Hunter 44-inch white bedroom ceiling fan


  • Color: White
  • Noise Level: 4.5/5
  • Size: 44-inch
  • Mounting: standard mount
  • Other Features: Reversible motor
Working very quietIllumination may not sufficient
Reasonable price
Easy installation
Modern look

This Hunter 44-inches White indoor ceiling fan is well-designed and has high quality. It can make significant contributions to keeping the air running in a smaller-sized bedroom.

The blade size is around 8-inch smaller than average 52-inch ceiling fans. Therefore it won’t take up too much of your bedroom space, and due to its simple but modern design, it can be used as a great decoration to your bedroom.

Only a small problem may occur with the LED bulbs, and if you need a more bright illumination, you may need to change another bulb.

However, this differs from person to person, and the fan itself is of high quality.

Final Thoughts: This Hunter 44-inches White Indoor Ceiling Fan is suitable for medium-sized and smaller bedrooms.

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9. Best with Chandelier: RainierLight Classical Style 48-inch Bedroom Ceiling Fan with Crystal Lamp

9.Rainier Light Crystal Lamp Bedroom Ceiling Fan


  • Color: White
  • Size: 48-inch
  • Noise Level: 4.1/5
  • Mounting: mounting with 2 down-rods
  • Shining Feature: Crystal LED light kit
Multiple speed settingsRelatively time-consuming on installation
Timing function

It is quite hard to find another similar indoor ceiling fan as this RainierLight crystal lamp bedroom ceiling fan. I can assure you that you will fall in love with this elegant and stunning craft at first sight.

The blades are in beautiful and luxurious bronze, while there is a delicate crystal LED light in the middle, your bedroom will look like a palace.

You can also use its timing function on a daily basis that can be conveniently controlled with the hand-held remote.

Final Thoughts: This fan is suitable for large and spacious bedrooms with an overall elegant decoration style.

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  • Is ceiling fan good for bedrooms?

YES, ceiling fans are good for bedrooms. Putting a ceiling fan in the bedroom is useful to make you feel cooler during the hot days (some can be used in winter) and keep the air in your bedroom continually rotating. Fresh air is good for your health.

Also, quiet bedroom ceiling fans can contribute a lot to your sweet dreams at night.

  • Where should a ceiling fan be placed in a bedroom?

Try your best to install the fan in the center of your bedroom to optimize the aesthetics. Also, putting the fan just over the bed can make it function at the most.

  • Is a ceiling fan beneficial to ventilate the air and cool down the temperature in the bedroom?

A ceiling fan cannot reduce the temperature within the bedroom like an air-conditioner. Still, it can make people feel calmer and cozy by producing a breeze that can evaporate the water on the skin.

But concerning the air ventilation, no doubt the outstanding contributions that a bedroom ceiling fan can make.


Final Thoughts:

For all your benefits and convenience, we have done all these jobs for you, go and select the one you like in our list! What are you waiting for?

Photo Title Buy
Big Ass Fans...image Best Overall: Big Ass Fans Haiku L 52-inch Intelligent White Indoor Ceiling Fan for Indoor Use
Honeywell Ceiling Fans...image The Quietest: Honeywell Industrial Style Noiseless Bedroom Ceiling Fan
Hunter Discovery 48-inch...image Most Suitable for Kids: Hunter Fan Company 48-inch Circular-Shape Ceiling Fan with Reversible Motor
MINKA-AIRE F844-SL, Light...image Best Modern: Minka-Aire Light Wave Silver Style Ceiling Fan for a Contemporary Style Living Space
Honeywell Ceiling Fans...image Best Unique: Honeywell 52-inch Tropical Indoor Ceiling Fan with Leaf-shape Blades
Hunter Fan Company...image Best with Lights: Hunter Builder Plus Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan with Brilliant Illumination Function
MINKA-AIRE F844-DK Light...image Best for Large Bedrooms: Minka-Aire Light Wave 3-speed Brown Ceiling Fan with Remote
Hunter Dempsey Indoor...image Best for Medium-sized/Small Rooms: Hunter 44-inches White Indoor Ceiling Fan with Light
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