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Hampton Bay vs Harbor Breeze – Which One Do You Prefer?

When we talk of ceiling fans, two popular brands stand out. These are the Hampton Bay and the Harbor Breeze, respectively. They have been known to produce high-quality items that have also primarily endured the test of time. But how do these twin brands measure up?

Here, we shall examine every detail and aspect that pertains to these two beautiful brands for your consideration. Hold on till the last minute to know-how.

Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay ceiling fan comparison


Who Makes Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans?

The Home Depot chain owns the brand of Hampton Bay. The supermarket chain is the one that designs and draws up the specifications of the machine.

Thereafter, it notifies the production facilities primarily based in China to manufacture the ceiling fans subsequently.

After the facilities have produced the finished product, it then re-imports the same back to the US. It distributes it to the consumers via a network of dealers and supermarket chains.

China’s choice to manufacture the item is deliberate as it is cheaper thanks to the cheap labor and other costs of production.

At present, there is a trend to recruit many other franchises to produce or manufacture the items. This stems from the need to diversify the risks involved and meet the growing demands of people who wish to make fair use of the gadget altogether.

who makes high-quality hampton bay fans


Who Makes Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans?

The Harbor Breeze ceiling fans, on the other hand, are manufactured by Litex Industries. This is a licensed importer and manufacturer of ceiling fans under the brand of Craftmade.

Its production facilities are based in the US State of Texas. Nonetheless, it has an extensive network of distributors.

Thanks to this extensive network, it avails its products throughout the entire nation and around the world.

Even though you may source its products from just about any outlet, Lowes stands out as the range of ceiling fans’ premier distribution agent.

Most of its line of products are known to be healthy, reputable, and enduring of the many spates of the common damages that potentially arise when dedicated to the matters of use.

As is the case with the Hampton’s above, plans are also underway to incorporate many other manufacturers to produce its items.

harbor breeze ceiling fan with light kit and remote


Features Of Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

In a nutshell, Hampton Bay does manufacture many kinds of ceiling fans. This is in response to the clients’ similarly diverse nature and the settings wherein the same may be dedicated for use.

Notwithstanding these differences, all its ceiling fans do exude some unifying characteristics, which we belabor below:

  • Quick installation

Its line of products is quicker to install and set up for eventual usage. Several factors converge to make this possible. The five reversible quick-install blades stand out.

You use them to set the item up for usage in a way that is fast and relatively devoid of any hassles.

  • Dual-mount installation

Then comes the dual-mount installation aspect that lets you fix the item in your liking’s particular place or location. Two of these ways yet again stand out.

These are the standard and the angle mount, respectively. They give you the option to fix the item as per your unique specifications and needs.

  • Accu arm technology blades

The blades proper comprises the Accu arm technology. Other than cheapening the item’s installation altogether, the edges also do a great job of generating a sweeping flow of cool current when the ceiling fan is engaged for the job.

They are the ones that make the interior to be more habitable.

  • 3-speed motor

At the core of the ceiling fans is the 3-speed motor. The motor is the component that generates the torque that the fan eventually makes use of to bring about coolness.

They can develop the strong flow of air that the room’s interior ultimately accrues and enjoys.

  • 4.5-inch down-rod

Serving to hang the ceiling fans firmly in place is the down rod that measures about 4.5-inch. The precise measurements nonetheless vary from one model of a machine to another one.

Being strong, the down rod negates the need or the likelihood of the gadget to sustain some damages.

  • Extras and accessories

By their nature and overall makeup, the machines can attach to and accept many accessories and extras.

Common examples of these are light bulbs, plastic bowls, and spare blades. They serve to extend to the range of the applicability of the gadgets altogether.

  • Pull chains

The last spot is the pull chain, whose role is mainly to activate and deactivate the fans from the floor position.

These pull chains are long and responsive enough to enable the item’s proper and more straightforward engagements overall. They hardly sustain any dangers or damages with use.

hampton bay best rated ceiling fans


Features Of Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

Like Hampton Bay above, Harbor Breeze also engages in the manufacture of a vast array of ceiling fans.

Since these items differ markedly in their applicability and overall functionality, they also bear some common and binding traits.

We examine these in the proceeding segments of our discussions:

  • Unparalleled energy-efficiency

All of its products do exhibit some unparalleled energy efficiency. They rake in a paltry amount of power but give off higher energy and power output.

Most of its products do bear a 152 ratio of the cubic feet per minute to the wattage. Go for them to save your utility expenses.

  • Moderate power consumption

As part and parcel of the products’ suitability to make your life better, they are structured to consume moderate levels of power.

Most of their ceiling fans bear an equally moderate power consumption. You choose to work with them means you also stand to pay fewer utility expenses.

  • Standby power mode

These gadgets are also designed to serve you well in moments of low or erratic power supply. This is a task they achieve principally by tapping into the standby power mode.

On the strength of this, they store some power and regurgitate the same if and when the need comes.

  • Durable parts and components

By and large, all the parts and components that make the entire system are durable.

Even when you have to use the same for a prolonged duration, you won’t have to spend too much to care for and maintain the items.

That, of course, puts you ahead of the game insofar as the operations are concerned.

  • Exceptional fan output

When all factors are put into consideration, the fans do exude some exceptional outputs. This is evidenced by the high levels of outputs on the one hand and the low level of potential breakdowns that come with consistent usage.

Put differently: you stand to accrue more for less when you choose these products.


Comparison Between Hampton Bay And Harbor Breeze

We now get to the core of comparing and contrasting these two brands or makers of the ceiling fans:

  • Price

From the previous explanations, it is crystal clear that the Hampton Bay brand comprises more features than the Harbor Breeze.

Because of that, it is pricier than the latter. That is not bad after all because you also enjoy better services and wholesome experiences from it.

  • Quality and durability

Overall, the quality of Hampton Bay’s line of products is also higher. That makes its products better to be relied on for a duration that is somewhat longer.

If you do not have too much money, you may have to set your eyes on the Harbor Breeze owing to its relatively simple stature and forms.

  • Light kits

Many of the products manufactured by the Hampton Bay line can attach to and work alongside many lighting kits and other associated apparatus.

Not much of these may attach to the Harbor Breeze, though. You may have to contend with the bare minimum parts and features hence.

  • Warranty

As pertains to warranty matters, both products are backed by and indeed do enjoy some generous warranty.

Nonetheless, the one for Hampton Bay is more comprehensive and in-depth than that of the Harbor Breeze. You are better off with it hence than the latter.

hampton bay vs harbor breeze


Which to Choose?

It would help if you had no further conviction that Hampton Bay is the more outstanding of the two brands. It beats the Harbor Breeze in three parameters and ties with it in the fourth one.

If I were you, I would opt for and prioritize it over and above the other one in my quest for the right ceiling fan.


Best Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans Recommendation:

Here are some of the best ceiling fans in the market from the Harbor Breeze, do you have the one in your mind?

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Best Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans Recommendation:

Here are some of the best ceiling fans in the market from Hampton Bay, do you have the one in your mind?

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Our discussion about the Hampton Bay vs. Harbor Breeze comes to an end there. With the kind of in-depth analysis and examination we have accorded, we are pretty confident that you have what it takes now to make the right choice of the gadget.

Kindly pass this information on to the others.

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