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Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

These are ceiling fans made with high-quality materials to give your house the best atmosphere and environment. Available in different designs, shapes, and sizes, you can easily find what you have been looking for, they ensure your space is well illuminated and maintains coolness as it is equipped with lights. In this article you are going to know everything you have always wanted to know about the harbor breeze ceiling fans, including the following:

• Whether the harbor breeze ceiling fan is a good brand
• The harbor breeze ceiling fans common features and technology
• How to choose the harbor breeze ceiling fan
• The harbor breeze ceiling fan sizes
• The harbor breeze ceiling fans types
• The company that makes harbor breeze ceiling fans
• How to install harbor breeze ceiling fans
• How to reset and install the harbor breeze ceiling fan remote
• harbor breeze ceiling fans light kit
• How to oil the harbor breeze ceiling fan
• How to stop the harbor breeze fan noise

Is Harbor Breeze a good brand of a ceiling fan?

Harbor Breeze is among the best brand of ceiling fans everyone would want to have in their living spaces. It is a highly reputable brand that is very reliable and dedicated to making great ceiling fans who satisfy all your needs in one suit. Producing a variety of ceiling fans when it comes to shape and size ensures all their customers get total satisfaction.

The harbor breeze ceiling fan is made with the most advanced technologies to ensure that its style stays in line with the current trends and what people love most. They use different materials to come up with varying types of harbor breeze ceiling fans; their blades be it of other fans, give the best in terms of speed and light. They are the kind of ceiling fans you will buy and get the value for your money instantly.

Standard features and technology of Harbor breeze ceiling fans

However, the Harbor Breeze produces various ceiling fans depending on what they want to achieve for their fans at the end of their services. Since dedicated to giving the best to their customers, they use similar technologies when it comes to fan production, and this means that at some point, all their ceiling fans have standard features. The following are some of the similar technologies and features of harbor breeze ceiling fans:

• Equipped with an efficient motor

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are all equipped with a well-lubricated motor that runs smoothly, producing no noise. In most harbor breeze ceiling fans, the engine is reversible in that it can change the airflow, whether it is winter or summer, to suit the current situation; this is one thing that makes the harbor breeze ceiling fans have more demand than the rest. With higher performance to ensure there is adequate air circulation in the room.

• Long enough blades for air circulation

However, the harbor breeze ceiling fans are not equipped with the same number of blades; the largest has up to six blades while the smallest has three blades. They are well designed to enough adequate air circulation; the sizes depend on the type of ceiling fan you choose to buy. Therefore when selecting harbor breeze ceiling fans, you should look at your room space and compare it with the blades to ensure air circulates fully in the room.

• Remote control and pull chain technology

The harbor breeze ceiling fans are made with either the remote control or the pull chain technology. However, the most expensive ones all are equipped with the remote control technique, in that one can regulate the speed and light while in a distance or relaxing. The pull chain technique is provided in cheaper harbor breeze ceiling fans; the performance is still excellent for both methods. It is only that they are applied differently.

How to choose the best Harbor breeze ceiling fans

When choosing the best harbor breeze ceiling fans, you need to have some knowledge of some critical things to focus on. It is sometimes challenging for the first-timers, and therefore one needs some guidance and proper research before getting to the market. The following factors should lead you to find the best harbor breeze ceiling fan:

• The number of blades

When choosing the harbor ceiling fan, but much of your concentration on the number of blades, you have a larger room where you want to install the ceiling fan. Consider choosing the ceiling fan with many and large blades like the Harbor Breeze Armitage 52″ Ceiling Fan, with five large blades that ensure enough air circulation in larger rooms of a maximum size of 400 square feet. For a smaller room you can go for the ceiling fan with three blades like the Harbor Breeze Mazon 44″ Ceiling Fan; it is small and circulates air in a full room of 100 square feet.

• The total cost

Cost is among the top things you should focus on; this means the total amount will cost you to buy and install the ceiling fan. While there are the cheap ones and the most expensive ones, you need to decide what will work for you; it is evident that the expensive harbor breeze ceiling fans have more features and are advanced, unlike the cheaper ones. Therefore, if you aren’t working on a budget, consider going for the complicated progressive harbor breeze ceiling fans.

• Durability

Everyone would want to have a ceiling fan that will serve them for an extended period; harbor breeze ceiling fans are made using different materials, the major ones including metal and wood. The blades are made with either of the two; however, they all last you need to be keen on other factors such as the warranty that comes with the harbor ceiling fan in question. Where the proof provided is longer, then possibly the ceiling fan can last for the same period too, but where the warranty is short, chances that the ceiling fan won’t survive are high. Consider working with the length of the contract.

What are the sizes of harbor breeze ceiling fans?

Harbor breeze ceiling fans come in different sizes, from small to large, depending on what you will ask for. Each size has other features that enable them to operate in particular room size and height; the following are the three standard sizes available:

• 42 inch

These harbor breeze ceiling fans are designed to circulate air in rooms that measure up to 144 square feet; they are suitable for smaller spaces. Their blades measure 42 inches each; controlling these size ceiling fan is easy as it allows three speeds, that is; low, medium, and high; most of these are used indoors; a good example is the Alloy Two-light 42″ Ceiling Fan

• 52 inch

The 52-inch harbor breeze ceiling fan is mostly medium in size, with five blades each measuring 52 inches long; they can circulate air in large rooms that measure up to four hundred square meters. Offering three-speed levels, that is, low, medium, and high, an excellent example of a 52-inch harbor ceiling fan is the Harbor Breeze Calera 52″ ceiling fan, Harbor Breeze Lake Placido 52″ Ceiling Fan, among others.

• 72 inch

They are large with blades from six up to nine, each measuring 72 inches long; they are designed for use in larger rooms, measuring up to 400 square feet. Moreover, they are highly versatile and can be used indoors and outdoors.

Types of Harbor breeze ceiling fan

Harbor breeze ceiling fans come in different styles, each of them meant to suit the given environment with some additional features. Here are the four various kinds of harbor breeze ceiling fans you should know:

• Outdoor

Harbor breeze ceiling fan meant for outdoor always has large blades that ensure adequate air circulation. Their motors are energy efficient to give the best performance when providing the outdoor environment is kept cool or warm, depending on the season. They are equipped with lighting fixtures to add more beauty, comfort, and entertainment. They provide efficient airflow to relieve heat in the outdoor spaces.

• Dual ceiling fan

It is usually a twin setting ceiling fan, it is more advanced than the normal one set harbor breeze ceiling fan, and they come in two sets of fans. They usually are easy to install and work best in big rooms or even outdoors; most of them come with a total of six blades, three in each pair. A good example is the Harbor Breeze Twin Breeze 74″ Ceiling Fan.

• For both indoor and outdoor

However, you will need other fans for outdoor and indoor. There are ceiling fans that can offer both indoor and outdoor services. The harbor breeze ceiling fans can be used to circulate air and regulate temperatures in larger rooms that measure as 400 square feet can be used for outdoor services.

• With night light

They are equipped with more advanced night lights than the traditional ceiling fans; installing the lights is easy since, in most cases, the light kit comes separately, and therefore, one needs to install them to enjoy the benefits.

Who makes harbor breeze ceiling fans?

Harbor breeze ceiling fans are made by the Litex Industries Company based in Texas; for a while now, it has been manufacturing and importing various ceiling fans brands, the main one being the harbor breeze ceiling fans. Apart from manufacturing ceiling fans, Litex Industries manufactures lighting fixtures. With the excellent relationship they have developed with retailers, you can easily find a wide variety of their ceiling fans on retailers.

The company is known for its ability to produce high-quality ceiling fans, the best of them being the harbor breeze ceiling fans. They use advanced technology to ensure that all the essential features are put into practice, including equipping their fans with energy efficient motors.

Harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits

If you want to add light to your room, you should consider adding harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits to your ceiling fans; they provide more and better lighting than where one uses a

Table lamp. You need to know the following harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits:

• what types

Harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits always vary in size and shape; when choosing, you should consider looking at the lampshade that can easily match your light kit. They are affordable as you can find one from as low as $25, and they can last for an extended period. Depending on your pocket, you can find the type you would want to match with your preferred ceiling fan as they are adaptable and can be used with all kinds of ceiling fans.

• is it necessary

Harbor breeze ceiling fan light kits are universal and can be used all the time and as a replacement for the light kits that have stopped working. It is necessary to have light kits as they add more light to your space as they are cheap, easy to install, and adaptable.

How to install harbor breeze ceiling fans

Installing a harbor breeze ceiling fan can be as easy as any other do-it-yourself task; you can do it with just simple knowledge:
You will need:

• ladder
• electric tape
• safety glasses
• circuit tester
• screwdriver
• ceiling fan kit
• pliers
• wire connector, wire strippers
• drill with drive and bit

With all the above tools, consider following the steps below for a successful installation:

• use mounting screws to secure the electric ceiling box
• through the canopy, try pulling the wires down
• then, consider inserting the rod into the ceiling
• use the counter pin and connector pin to secure the down rod into the housing
• make the set screw in the down rod tighter
• gently lift the unit you have assembled to the mounting bracket
• connect the green and white wires to the green wire on the ceiling box
• use electrical tape to secure wire connectors
• tuck all the wires into the electrical box
• secure the canopy using screws that came with the ceiling fan
• using the screws that come with the fan, mount the fan blades ensuring that the motor is secured
• follow the available instructions to install the light if necessary

Harbor Breeze ceiling fan parts

Knowing different harbor breeze ceiling fan parts will help you replace any part that gets damaged easily. The following are the most essential and details of the harbor breeze ceiling fan you need to know:
• ceiling fan blade, they can be either warped or bent
• motor
• mounting hardware
• light kits
• globes and shades
• harbor breeze ceiling fan remote
• end caps
• wall controls
• harbor breeze ceiling fan capacitor

Knowing your ceiling fan’s model will even simplify the replacement process in case you get a part of your ceiling fan spoiled. Moreover, you can efficiently conduct the replacement yourself as you understand what is expected of you.

How to reverse harbor breeze ceiling fans with remote

On the remote control of your ceiling fan, press the button labeled ‘reverse’; this will change the direction of airflow. Please press the button again to revert the airflow, the reverse order a harbor breeze ceiling fan is always a clockwise motion that produces an updraft. Reversing your ceiling fan is essential, especially during winter, where you want to keep the warm rising air in your room.

How to install a harbor breeze remote for ceiling fans

It is among the most straightforward tasks that one can perform; you should start with the following steps
• Slide the harbor breeze ceiling fan remote receiver above the down rod space. It should fit properly; if it fails to fit, you need to find other places inside the ceiling fan canopy
• Set the transmitter by switching the positions of ceiling fan remote units
• Put the power off and connect neutral and hot wires with the AC-in wires on the receiver
• Connect the remaining three wires to the light and fan.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans how to oil

You are required to oil your fan when it starts making grinding noises; near the download, you will be able to see an oil reservoir hole, and where your fan lacks this, you know a spot labeled oil that is where you should see your fan. Insert a pipe cleaner into the oil reservoir hole; this is a test to see how much oil is remaining on the fan, and if it gets out clean, you will need to add some oil.

Add non detergent electric motor oil should be added to the hole, it is the most recommended oil as it works perfectly with harbor breeze ceiling fans, but you can also use the hunter’s oil. The following steps will help you oil your fan:

• utilizing a ladder to get to the ceiling fan and locate the oil reservoir
• add the required amount of oil to the reservoir
• using your hands, slowly rotate the blades
• On the bearings, add a small amount of oil to the beam and leave it to soak.
• Start the fan to see if you have fixed the problem.

How to change light bulb harbor breeze ceiling fans

Many reasons can change the light bulb harbor breeze ceiling fan; they can get burnt. With the following steps, you can easily change the light bulb:

• First, turn off the light and the fan to avoid electrocuting yourself
• Place a stepladder underneath the fan
• Check the globe, especially the decorative globes attached to the fan
• Use a screw to remove the globe, turn and remove it
• Put a new globe back the same way you pulled the spoiled one.


Is Harbor Breeze and Hampton Bay the same company?

No, the harbor breeze is manufactured by the Litex industries company but sold by the Lowes, while the Hampton Bay is exclusively made and sold by the Home Depot.

How do I reset my Harbor Breeze ceiling fan remote?

If you aim to reset the remote, then it is an easy thing that should take less than a minute. Use the fan to turn off your ceiling fan, wait for about thirty seconds or a minute, then turn the power on; as you wait to turn on the light, keep the off button held down for like ten seconds.

Are Harbor Breeze ceiling fans quiet?

Yes, harbor breeze ceiling fans are among the quietest ceiling fan, one feature that makes them remain at the top list.

What motor does harbor breeze ceiling fans have?

Harbor breeze ceiling fans use induction motor; they are mostly preferred because they use minimum power to operate, providing efficiency in ensuring the blades move to provide adequate air circulation.

Harbor breeze ceiling fans how to stop the noise

Some people think that when the harbor breeze ceiling fan is making noise, the motor has a problem, but that is not the case. The blades need to be cleaned once there is noise production from your harbor breeze ceiling fan; it also calls for one to tighten the edges to make the noise stop as it might be due to loose blades.

Programming the harbor breeze ceiling fan remote to operate multiple ceiling fans

Connecting two or more harbor breeze ceiling fans to operate them using one remote can be easy; this happens typically with many ceiling fans in one roof. Reprogram your remote in the presence of the multiple ceiling fans by first switching off the fans’ power. Then switch on the lights while holding the reset button down until all the fans rotate at a medium speed; this should take at least thirty seconds.

Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan Reviews

Harbor Breeze Mazon ceiling fan

If you want a harbor breeze fan for a small room, then you need to have this brand on your list. However, It has an integrated light kit that includes one LED bulb to illuminate your space. What makes it more preferred is its energy-efficient operation and its excellent performance. That being said, it provides an airflow of up to 2069 CFM, which makes it suitable for smaller spaces of up to 100sq. Feet. Uniquely, you can easily control it using the remote control to change its speed and illumination. When it comes to speed, it has a 3-speed setting where you can vary it to achieve your preferred speed setting. In other words, we can say that with this brand, you will achieve exactly what you expect, provided that you have a small room.

Harbor Breeze Mayfield ceiling fan

Mayfield is a well-engineered ceiling fan with reversible blades that allows you to reverse the blades during winter. Similarly, it is equipped with an energy-efficient illumination, which offers attractive lighting to your room. Since it is a 44-inch fan, it provides adequate airflow that can supply small rooms. Also, the bronze finish and unique design help improve the décor of your home, and what makes it more impressive is that it blends with any décor design. Consequently, it has a 3-speed setting, which allows you to vary the speed, giving you the comfort you need. Additionally, the zero-noise production is guaranteed as its motor operates quietly.

Harbor breeze palm leaf ceiling fan

If you have ever dreamt of modernizing your home, then you need to add this brand to your list. It comes with a fantastic design- leaf-like ceiling blades that add character to your home. Similarly, it has a reversible motor where you will be able to change your ceiling fan’s direction on different seasons. And since the motor of this fan operates quietly, you won’t be disturbed by any noise. Apart from that, it has 3-sped settings, which allows you to vary its speed whenever you need to. Consequently, its bronze finish and hand curved wooden blades make it unique hence adding character to your space. Still, on its design, it features durable construction and a stylish design.

Harbor breeze beach creek ceiling fan

This is a 44-inch harbor breeze ceiling fan, which makes it ideal for medium-sized rooms. Similarly, it comes with a remote control allowing you to control it at any corner of your room. With remote control, you can control the speed and the lighting of your ceiling fan. The lighting system that is installed in this fan brings decorative illumination. As much as you want something constructed with a stylish design, this brand is there to make your space look attractive. With the Creek ceiling fan, its durability makes it suitable for you. Therefore, we can say that this brand won’t disappoint you in any way since you can vary the speed and control of the lighting system.

Harbor breeze classic ceiling fan

It is a 52-inch harbor breeze ceiling fan making it suitable for rooms of up to 400 sq. feet. Also, if you want something that will serve you in summer and winter, this can be the best choice since it has a reversible motor where you can change the motor’s direction. When it comes to this brand’s design, the matte black finish color and the kind of construction adds beauty to your space. Consequently, it runs smoothly without any kind of noise, but you will enjoy a fantastic airflow. Since most usually consider the durability of the product, with our pick, you are assured of a long lifespan.

Harbor breeze double ceiling fan

If you want to have adequate airflow throughout your space, then you should try this twin breeze ceiling fan. Leave alone its high airflow, the 72-inch fan makes it suitable for extra-large rooms, and its stylish finish adds a fantastic appearance to your space. Similarly, it operates quietly; hence no noise production thus can be installed in any room such as the study room. This double breeze ceiling fan has a reversible AC motor whereby you can change the direction of the blades hence usable in both summer and winter. To add to that, you will also access a 3-speed setting, thus fitting in your comfort level.

Harbor Breeze Armitage ceiling fan

If you want a harbor breeze ceiling fan with reversible blades, then you don’t have to worry since we have this fantastic model. The reversible motor will allow you to change the direction of the blades hence favorable for both winter and summer seasons. Similarly, it is equipped with a frosted glass light kit to help you illuminate your room since it comes with a 6.5W LED bulb hence energy efficient. For the size of the room, it is best suited for space of up to 400 sq. feet; therefore can serve large rooms. Also, you can easily control it from anywhere in your space by using a remote control.

Harbor breeze waveport ceiling fan

Waveport has 52-inch fan blades, which makes it ideal for both medium-sized and larger rooms. The blades are designed uniquely with a weathered bronze finish hence adding character to your home décor. Also, a 3-speed setting makes it favorable for you to maintain the best comfort level. It has a frosted glass light kit that includes two LED bulbs to illuminate your space. Apart from that, it has reversible blades that allow you to change the direction of the airflow, while the 14-degree blade pitch plays a role in increasing airflow. You can also control the operation of this fan anywhere in your room due to the remote adaptability.

Harbor breeze hydra ceiling fan

When we talk of this brand, you won’t be disappointed with its performance; you can just imagine how 72-inch fan blades run. This means that you will enjoy high airflow, and, in that case, it doesn’t dictate whether it requires a medium-size or large room since it can be installed in all spaces. It is also equipped with an integrated glass light kit that will allow you to illuminate your area with it. Similarly, it has a 6-speed setting; therefore, you will always achieve your preferred speed. You may be asking yourself how all these settings can be varied; it has remote control hence can set it at your comfort. Consequently, the brushed nickel finish brings beauty to your home, which most people consider typically when running any installation in their homes. Generally, we can conclude that this product should be on your list whenever you are sampling the best harbor breeze ceiling fan.

Harbor breeze sail stream ceiling fan

If you want something that can generate high airflow, then this brand could be your best choice since it has 52-inch blades, which makes it ideal for even larger rooms. Despite having excellent performance, its motor runs quietly, implying that you won’t be irritated by any noise from this ceiling fan. Similarly, if you are concerned with the décor, then I can assure you that this ceiling fan matches any décor design, plus it has a light kit with frosted glass shade to illuminate your space in a unique way. Apart from that, you can also enjoy a 3-speed setting, which is controlled by the remote control. What I can say about this product is that you won’t regret it after installing it in your place.

Harbor Breeze Tilghman ceiling fan

Tilghman comes with a stylish design to add character to your space. The leaf-like fan blades make its design unique from other harbor breeze ceiling fans. With this brand, you will also enjoy a 3-speed setting where you can vary its speed depending on your comfort needs. Changing its speed won’t consume your time since you can easily do it by just pressing your remote control and the speed changes. Consequently, the Tilghman harbor breeze ceiling fan is also adaptable to light where you can illuminate your space with it. Another key characteristic is the sturdy construction, which guarantees durability. Therefore, from its features, don’t hesitate to consider it in your selection.


Harbor breeze ceiling fan is designed to give the best services by keeping the air around your house or outside cool and warm when needed. Made with advanced technology and equipped with unique features makes they an excellent ceiling fan brand. Their prices directly correspond to the kind of ceiling fans they produce; you get the needed value of your money.

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