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Best Large Ceiling Fans

Do you need a ceiling fan for your commercial space, gym, or warehouse? Large ceiling fans are best when it comes to moving air in large spaces. Built with a wide blade length and powered with a very powerful motor, they move air equally and efficiently throughout the room.

With the many large ceiling fans in the market, choosing one that is the best fit is such a daunting task. Read on if you desire to know more about the large ceiling fan in the market currently.

What Does Large Mean In Ceiling Fans


The amount of airflow a ceiling fan delivers is measured in CFM that is cubic feet per minute. The measurement is calculated when a fan is at its high speed and then divided by watts used. A higher CFM means higher efficiency. Large fans have higher efficiency. The highest CFM in a ceiling fan is 40000 CFM associated with Big Air 108” ceiling fan.

– Size of the blade

Longer blade length works best in large rooms. They create softer and more comfortable airflow in large rooms. Large blade sizes range from 52 inches to 108 inches. The longer the blade the more comfortable your large room will be.

– Size of the room

A large ceiling fan cannot function efficiently in a small room. Similarly, a small ceiling fan will not do the work in a large room. If you have a room measuring 400 square feet and above it means you need a large fan. This will ensure equal air distribution throughout the room.

Ceiling Fan with Large CFM

What is a High CFM Ceiling Fan?

A high CFM ceiling fan is a fan designed to move large amounts of air using its longer blades and a powerful motor. CFM is the amount of air a fan circulates and is measured when the fan is at its highest speed. A perfect example of a high CFM ceiling fan is the Big Air 108” fan. It has a CFM of 40,000.

CFM Rating with the Room Size and Room Type

A large ceiling fan is needed to effectively move air in a large room. Therefore, for your large rooms, you need a fan with a higher CFM for maximum airflow. A higher CFM rating is necessary for large-sized rooms, 400 square feet and above. Such include gyms, large living rooms, and warehouses.

Where Can You Use a High CFM Ceiling Fan?

Most high CFM ceiling fans circulate large amounts of air using very powerful motors. Since they are big and use a powerful motor, you might think they consume a lot of power. You need not worry about power consumption as the best large ceiling fans in this article are energy Star rated. This means they consume low amounts of power.

– Indoor

Indoor high CFM ceiling fans can be used in large living rooms, warehouses, gyms, commercial spaces, and large garages.

– Outdoor

Outdoor fans are damp-rated. They ensure you are very comfortable when on your patio.

What to Consider in Buying a Ceiling Fan with Large CFM

There are very many large ceiling fans in the market presently. Here are the features you should look for when purchasing a large ceiling fan:


CFM measures the amount of airflow from a fan. The manufacturers provide this information. For your large-sized rooms, you need a fan with a high CFM for maximum air movement. Consider buying a fan with a CFM of between 5000 and above. For very large spaces like 2700 square feet, the Big Air 108” ceiling fan will serve you best with a CFM of 40,000.

– Blade size

Large commercial spaces need fans with large blade lengths. Large ceiling fans have a blade length of between 52 and 108 inches. The larger the blade length the more efficient the fan will be. If you do not know the right blade size to pick for your room, you can use a ceiling fan size calculator to accurately know the correct size to buy.

– Ceiling height

The height of your ceiling is an important consideration before buying a large fan. Industrial fans are associated with high speeds and heaviness. For this reason, they need safer installation and cannot be the right choice for your living rooms. Nevertheless, in the market, you can find large industrial ceiling fans that can be mounted on a 10 feet height and do not operate on such high velocities. These can be mounted flush in a low ceiling living room.

– Control and setting

A large ceiling fan has two types of controls. These are wall and remote control. A wall control is easy to use and is usually placed along with the light switch. A wall control requires professional installation. Remote control is also easy to use and adjust between the different speeds. You should consider choosing a fan that you find easy to control.


Is a high CFM better?

In a large space such as 400 square feet and above you need a high CFM for maximum air movement. This ensures that air is moved equally throughout the whole room. You do not need to stand under the fan to feel its effects. Consider buying a higher CFM fan for great comfort.

How much CFM is enough?

CFM determines how good or bad the fan is. The amount of CFM is determined by the size of the room where the fan is to be used. For a large room of 400 square feet, you need a CFM of between 5500 to 10,000 square feet.

Is more CFM better for a bathroom fan?

The bigger your bathroom, the higher CFM you need. You need at least 1 CFM per square foot. If your bathroom has a square footage of 36, this means you need a fan rated 36 CFM. A ceiling fan needs to have a CFM rating that is high enough to move the air in your bathroom perfectly. Thus, CFM should correspond to the size of your bathroom.

How do I increase the airflow on my ceiling fan?

A fan has different speed settings. If you wish to increase the airflow, you can manipulate the speed control of the fan. This will ensure more air is moved effectively. Additionally, proper maintenance helps increase the amount of airflow. Regularly clean your fan and oil the moving parts to ensure it is running properly.

How many CFM do I need for a 12×12 room?

On average, you need 1 CFM for square footage. A 12 X 12 room is equivalent to 144 square footage. Thus, you need a minimum of 144 CFM and 1600 CFM on the high end. This will ensure maximum comfort in a 144 square foot-sized room, such as a kitchen.

How many CFM do I need for 1000 square feet?

For 1000 square feet you need a minimum of 1000CFM. This can be provided using the Big Air 108” ceiling fan with a maximum of 40000CFM.

How do I calculate CFM?

To calculate CFM you need to first calculate the size of the room. You need at least 1 CFM per square foot.

Large Ceiling Fan Review:

1. Westinghouse 7861400

This 56-inch ceiling fan provides maximum air movement, and the three nickel brushed blades make it a classy addition to any room. The Westinghouse 7861400 ceiling fan is built to cool large rooms such as workshops and high ceiling rooms. This ceiling fan should only be installed indoors. It is installed using a down rod only and works best in rooms up to 400 square feet.

It delivers airflow efficiently in a large room with a maximum capacity of 5370 CFM. The fan is equipped with a very powerful and super quiet motor, which ensures sufficient airflow. The fan is easy to operate since it has a wall control that allows you to adjust between the five-speed settings. It is easy to install the ceiling fan.


2. Home Decorators Kensgrove 72-Inch ceiling fan

Are you a homeowner who is dissatisfied with the performance of your ceiling? Well, if you have to stand directly under your ceiling fan to experience its effect then it is time to upgrade. You need a ceiling fan that is well suited for large rooms. Home Decorators Collection Kensgrove 72-inch is what you need.

With a blade length of 72 inches, it can effectively circulate air in a large room of more than 400 square feet. This fan is made for both indoor and outdoor usage as is damp rated. It is equipped with an LED lighting kit. Furthermore, it is equipped with a superb energy-efficient DC motor with a nine-speed setting. Nine-speed setting? Yeah, that is right. So, no matter how big your living space is, this fan is meant to make you and your guests very comfortable.

Additionally, it has a maximum air capacity of 10,484 CFM. It is operated using a remote control with independent light dimming and speed control. This fan is Energy star rated. Therefore, you do not have to worry about power consumption.


4. Big Air 108”

This is the best quality ceiling fan for large spaces up to 2700 square feet. It has a measurement of 108 inches. Big Air 108” will give you up to 40,000 CFM when set at its highest speed. It features a nine-speed setting. Thus, you can comfortably regulate the amount of air movement you want in the room.

Additionally, this stylish fan can fit well into any setting. It can be used in large living spaces, gyms, commercial spaces, warehouses, you name it. The motor is very silent and utilizes permanent magnets for efficiency.

This fan is made to last and serve you without failure. It comes in vibrant red, white, and black colors. Big Air 108” is energy effective. It will save you money while keeping you very comfortable simultaneously. You can use it both indoors and outdoors.


5. Westinghouse Lighting 7224200

Westinghouse 7224200 comet 52” ceiling fan is perfect for a large room up to 400 square feet. This reversible fan has five fan blades to offer maximum airflow up to 3589 CFM for complete comfort year-round. It has a high-quality motor that is powerful and whisper-free. This fan can be installed with or without a down rod.

Just like all modern fans, Westinghouse 7224200 has a lighting kit installed in it removing the need for an additional light source. It uses a 16-watt LED dimmable light kit that is not only energy-efficient but provides sufficient lighting. Lastly, it has a lifetime motor warranty and a two-year warranty on all the other parts.


Ceiling Fan with Large Blade

Why Do You Need a Large Ceiling Fan with a Large Blade?

The large ceiling fans with large blades are recommendable for people living in large rooms with large open floor. Unlike before whereby you had to buy several pieces of fans to install in the room so you can get enough airflow, now there are new inventions of fans that have large blades.

So, you can just buy one model for an entire room. Therefore, large rooms require large airflow which you can easily achieve from a fan designed with large sized blades. Also, if you need a fan to install in large outdoor areas, large blades are best for convenient flow.

Does Ceiling Fan Blade Size Matter?

Yes, it does! The size of the blade technically determines the level of airflow in a room. You need a fan that will provide enough airflow without exceeding. So, small bladed fans are perfect for small areas while big blades are suitable for large areas. The blade size determines the volume of air dispersed in the room.

What Sizes of Ceiling Fan Blade is Regarded As Large Diameter

The large ceiling fan blades also referred to as high volume slow speed fans are made with extremely large blade diameters that range between 12 to 24 feet in diameter. In most cases, the large ceiling fan blades with large diameter are installed in areas with large open areas like the airports, industries or convention areas.

Where Can You Use Them For?

For outdoor

Outdoor open areas around patio and deck require fans that have large blades for efficient airflow. This is because the fans with large diameter blades can disperse a high level of air and at a high motion (depending on the number of blades) to ensure broad air disperse.

For indoor

These fans are also perfect for indoor areas if you have large rooms. You can use the fan in a master bedroom, a large dining room or if the room has a high ceiling style.

Living room

This is the area that people spend a lot of time while indoors. So, if your living room is spacious and maybe features high ceiling style, then a ceiling fan with large blades will work. Remember these fans disperse a high volume of air to cover large spaces in a smooth flow for efficiency and comfort.


The large blade ceiling fans also work perfectly for farmhouses depending on the size and the ceiling style. If your farmhouse has large rooms and has a high ceiling style ( which is quite common in many homes) then you will require the large ceiling fan for enough airflow results in the room.


People who work in a garage need as much airflow as possible to ensure the area is comfortable to work in for long hours. So, a large blade ceiling fan works perfectly for garages since it creates a comfortable and cool working environment.


This is a tricky area that you need to be quite careful when buying a ceiling fan. Too much airflow may make the room too cold to sleep. But if the airflow is too minimal, then it may be too hot to sleep in. The ceiling fans with large blades work perfect for master bedrooms, or if the bedroom has a large room with a high ceiling style.

For industrial & Commercial

The majority of these working places have large rooms with multiple people working. So, a large ceiling fan with large blades works for these places since they can disperse enough air to keep the room cool throughout. But, note that you may need to install more than one ceiling fan, depending on the size of the rooms.

For high ceilings

The style of the ceiling also determines the kind of ceiling fan. Low ceilings are installed too close to the floor and small fan work in such ceilings. But with high ceilings, this means that the distance between the ceiling and the floor is high. So, such areas need large fans to ensure good airflow to the room.

For vaulted ceilings

Vaulted ceilings are built self-supporting arch above the walls and beneath the roof. These types of ceilings are only common in homes with large rooms to allow for the arch style to be formed. So, this means that they provide a high ceiling that will need a large ceiling fan for ample airflow.

What Types of Large Blade Ceiling Fans to Choose?

With light

These are 2 in 1 ceiling fans that not only provide balanced airflow in the room but also boost illumination in the room you install them. They also work in rooms with minimal wall lighting

Without light

The large ceiling fans without lights are suitable for people who don’t want extra lighting in the room. Also, people who are energy efficient may prefer such fans to reduce light usage in the room you install them.

With light and remote

If you don’t want to keep on getting up to switch or control the fan speed and the lighting mode, choose a fan with light and remote. These types of fans are comfortable to control from a distance and are recommendable for indoor areas like the bedroom or living room. You can switch on/off and change settings while in your bed or sofa.

Decorative fan

Unlike before where ceiling fans only had dull color styles, now there are some models with decorative features. Some ceiling fans are made in multiple colors and others have decor features like hanging crystal installed. They add more decoration pieces in the room you install them whether on or off.

Modern style

These are the type of fans designed to fit the current interior designs. The modern ceilings are also ideal to use throughout the year since you can reverse the blades to disperse warm air during the winter seasons. They come in a variety of styles that can match with different interior finishes.

Contemporary style

These are the types of fans with an infusion of modern and rustic finish. The contemporary styled fans are perfect for both old and modern homes since the colours, style and finish that match with these styles of homes.

Rustic style

These are the fans designed with old school styles. The blades may consist of stainless steel materials or made with wooden materials. These types of fans are recommended by people who prefer rustic finish in their homes, or if you need any fan that matches with your old home style.

Black or white style

Basically, these are two neutral colors that match with any decor or color finishing in a room. So, if you need fan color that does not contradict your home finish, consider the white or black colors ceiling fans

How many blades do I need?

The majority of fans are made with blades ranging from3 to 8 blades. The more blades the fan has, the quieter it functions but has lesser airflow. On the other hand, a fan with lesser blades works at a loud noise and has more powerful airflow to the room.

Special Factors You Should Consider on Choosing a Large Blade Ceiling Fan

The room size

The last thing you want is for the room to have lesser airflow or have uncomfortable cold airflow. So, regardless of the size of the room, ensure the ceiling fan you choose will provide the right airflow. If you are not sure about the right fan size ideal for your room measure the room first before buying the fan.

The motor

The motor is the engine of a fan. It determines the level of the noise, and how quiet and effective the fan will be. So always focus on the motor style when choosing a ceiling fan.

Energy efficiency

If you are cautious about power usage in your home, you need to consider the amount of energy that the fan needs to function. But, to make your choosing wok easy, always go for a fan that has the green mark of energy efficiency.

The accessories

These accessories include; lighting and décor pieces since large ceiling fan with an LED light are super economical. You get to use the fan for airflow and lighting purposes. As mentioned, the majority of the ceiling fans have LED lights which are energy efficient.

Ceiling Fan with a Large Blade Reviews

Honeywell Ceiling Fans 50195 Rio 54″ Ceiling Fan

If you need a large bladed fan to install in medium to a large room, this Honeywell fan is worth checking out. This is a quality 2 in 1 fan useful for airflow and illumination purposes. The fan has a light in the middle for illumination purposes.

Hence, you can set the blades to move in reverse to blow warm air during the cold seasons. The fan guarantees convenient to control as it is also compatible with the Alexa voice command. So, you can opt to use Alexa voice control or the remote. With just three blades, this fan guarantees excellent airflow in the room, plus it works at high speed that you can regulate in three different speed intervals.


This fan is compatible with all the CL bulbs for illumination
The fan is easy to control with Alexa or remote
This fan operates at three different speed intervals
It has quality materials crafting


This fan’s motor is super loud and maybe uncomfortable when installed in rooms that you need relaxing moments.


3. Harbor Breeze Hydra 70 Inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

The style finish of this ceiling fans fit both contemporary and modern home finishes. The fan has 8 toffee finish blades that provide excellent airflow in areas that do not require high airflow in the room. Still, this fan is multifunctional since you can also use it for illumination thanks to the inbuilt LED light.

The fan operates in 6-speed intervals to choose from depending on the temperature level in the room. The blades are reversible so the fan can also be functional during the cold seasons by dispersing warm air in your room.


This fan adds a touch of decor finish in the room
The fan operates in 6 different speeds
It has frosted LED light
The fan comes with a remote for smooth control


The fan’s light is quite dim and cannot work alone, especially in areas that require high illumination.

3. Honeywell 50608-01 Xerxes Ceiling Fan

Keep the room temperatures balanced without compromising your room decor with this amazing large blade ceiling fan. The fan has 8 blades with each measuring 60 inches for further airflow in the room.

This fan is integrated with an LED light that works at 18 watts to give up to 1400 lumens. The light is super bright since it gives brightness colour contrast of up to 2700k for ample illumination.


The LED light is dimmable
The fan operates at 3-speed intervals
It comes with a remote for easy and quick control
The fan blades are reversible


This fan does not blow high airflows and may not work for industries or areas that need speedy airflow.

4. Minka-Aire F896-65-BNW Xtreme H2O 65 Inch Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This fan is equipped with a powerful DC motor to deliver the best airflow in the room you install it. The entire fan unit has steel material construction with a nickel finish to add a touch of decor to the room you install it.

The fan has 8 blades measuring 65 inches fit for a large room. Also, it is a 2 in 1 fan that comes integrated with an LED bulb for illumination. This is a convenient fan to install in high ceilings since it comes with a – inch down rod.


The fan operates in 6-speed intervals
Has a powerful operational motor
The finishing of this fan blends with most homes
Comes with a remote for control


This is an extremely expensive fan

How Do I Choose the Right Size Ceiling Fan for a Large Room?

Consider the number of blades

The number blades determine the airflow volume, the area to use it and the speed of the fan. For example, a fan with three large blades will blow a high level of air in the room and works fast to cool the room.

On the other hand, a fan with up to 8 blades works slower and has minimal airflow. The five-blade ceiling fans are ideal for large low ceiling rooms like the bedroom. But three blade ceiling may work for high ceiling rooms or outdoor areas.

The size of the blade

Unlike before where one had to purchase a few pieces of ceiling fans for ample airflow in large rooms, now there are new inventions of fans with large blades. The blades of the ceiling fans range from 30 to 72 or more inches blade. So, a fan with large sized blades works perfectly for a large room.

The ceiling height

The ceiling height is an essential factor to consider when buying a fan for large rooms. A large room with a high ceiling style requires a fan with large blades. And down rod installation mode for ample airflow in the room

Features of Ceiling Fans Designed for Various Rooms

For large living room

Large blades

The ceiling fans for large living rooms are made with large blades that range from 56 inches and above depending on the size of the room.

Powerful and low noise

Also, these fans are made with a powerful motors that operate in quiet modes to prevent distractions when relaxing in the living room.

Number of blades

A 3 blade fan may work for large living rooms if at all you don’t have an air conditioner since they work fast and are effective in dispersing air in the room.

For a large bedroom

Fan with lighting

The fans made with lighting are great options for the bedroom since they balance temperatures, plus have the alternative of using them alone without the wall lighting; if at all you don’t need high levels of illumination.

4 blades

Four blade fans are a great choice for large bedrooms since they work in a low tone to prevent distraction while sleeping.

The blade size

A large bedroom requires a fan with large sized blades of between 52 to 56 inches.

For master bedroom

Large bladed fan

Considering these bedrooms are extra- large with other rooms inside, a fan with larger blades will work fine to ensure enough circulation in the room. You can install a fan with 56 to 60 inches blade in a master bedroom, depending on its size.


Also, a powerful fan with lighting is a great choice for a master bedroom for additional lighting in the room.

A fan with light and remote

You don’t want to keep on walking around to adjusts the speed or adjusts the illumination right! So, consider a fan that comes with a remote for easy control of the available features from your bed.

What Are the Necessary Factors You Must Consider Choosing a Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms?

The room size

There are multiple fans designed to provide enough flow for large rooms. But the size of the large room determines the kind of fan to install. Some large rooms may require a fan with 3 blades and others just need a fan with 5 to 7 blades. So, it is crucial to know the size of the room to guide you in choosing the right fan to install.

The number of blades in the fan

The number of blades that the fan has determines the amount of airflow regardless of its size. A fan with fewer blades is more powerful since it can blow air at a high rate to cover a large space than a fan with more blades. Nonetheless, there are still large rooms that need a fan with slow airflow as long as it has large blades.

The motor

The motor fuels the fan to facilitate continuous and excellent airflow throughout. So, always go for a fan that has a quality motor with continued functioning for effective airflow results in the room.

Installation Tips for Ceiling Fan Used in Large Rooms

For high ceilings

If your ceiling is way higher than the standard ceiling floor height (8 feet apart) consider a ceiling fan with a rod or extension rod to bring down the ceiling fan to the right height for optimal airflow in the room.

For low ceilings

For low ceilings, make sure to install the fan in a flush mode to ensure there is a balance of airflow in the room. Adjusts the length of the fan, depending on the distance between the roofs and the floor for optimal airflow.

For vaulted ceilings

If the roof is vaulted or slopped, consider using an adaptor or a down rod to ensure the fan is installed at the right position, and the air flows evenly in the room.

Tips on Using Ceiling Fan for Decorating Your Rooms

Always go for a ceiling fan that matches your colour scheme. But if your room has extra bright colors, opt for a black or white ceiling fan since these colors are neutral and match with multiple colors.
If you need the ceiling fan to be the focal point of the room, choose a large-sized model with decor features. But if you need a fan that cools the room without distracting other fixtures, choose a model with minimal finishes.

Ceiling Fan for Large Rooms Reviews

1. Westinghouse Lighting 7207700 Cayuga 60-inch Brushed Nickel Indoor Ceiling Fan

If you need a large ceiling fan that does not give the extreme volume of airflow in the room, this is a great choice. The fan features 6 blades with each blade measuring 60-inch for more airflow in large rooms at a slow mode. This is a multifunctional ceiling fan equipped with an LED bulb in the middle for lighting up the room.

The bulb has 17 LED lights that are also dimmable to save power usage in the room. The brushed nickel finishing of this fan is something we cannot ignore since it gives your room a contemporary-modern finish for that gorgeous look.


The fan comes with a remote for easy control
This fan matches with most home designs
The fan operates in quiet mode
The light is dimmable


This fan has six blades which limit the volume airflow in the room. So, it cannot work in some large areas like industries.

2. Honeywell Belmar 52-Inch Indoor/Outdoor Ceiling Fan

This is a quality five-blade fan for large areas especially on the outdoors. This is a convenient fan you can install even in areas without power connection since it has the traditional rod control mode. Thus, all you need it’s to pull down the chain rod to switch on and off.

But, note that you can use this fan with all the Honeywell remote controls. The fan has three speeds to interchange depending on the temperature change in the room. Also, the blades are reversible to provide warm air during the cold seasons.


This is a multifunctional ceiling fan
You can control it using a remote or a pull rod
The fan has premium materials crafting
The fan fits medium to large-sized rooms
This fan comes with a warranty for quality assurance.


Some customers have complained about this fan not meeting the CFM expectations. As described by manufacturers.

3. Honeywell 50611 Phelix High Power Ceiling Fan

This is a recommendable large ceiling fan for large rooms or areas that require high volume airflow. The ceiling fan has three blades and each blade measures 56 inches wide to provide large and high airflow. Other than using the fan to balance temperatures in the room, it also adds a beautiful focal decor piece in your ceiling.

The fan has three spots LED light fixtures which are dimmable to control the light illumination in the room. The LED lights work at 5 watts output to give up to 350 lumens of light. The fan is perfect for indoor areas like bedrooms or living rooms since it also adds decor finish in the room. Note that even if the fan has ABS materials crafting, it is durable which is backed up with a limited lifetime warranty.


The equipped LED lights are energy efficient
The blades are reversible to provide warm airflow
The lights are dimmable
The fan has dual installation modes
The motor operates in quiet mode


This fan does not come with remote control, you have to buy it separately

4. 60″ Turbina Modern Industrial Outdoor Ceiling Fan

A perfect ceiling fan to install in large spaces like the patio or deck since it gives large and extreme airflow. With blade size of 60 inches, the fan can blow high-level of air and at a high speed as well. Also, the material construction and design qualify this as an outdoor fan as it can withstand the outdoor climates.

The entire fan unit consists of metal materials for durability and efficiency in functioning. This is a fan you can comfortably control from a distance since it comes with a remote for easy control.

The fan can also work in the high ceiling of up to 9 feet high since it comes with a 6 inch down rod that is adjustable. Note that this fan is not recommendable to install in areas with humid climates and saltwater since it can easily get damaged.


This fan adjusts in six working speeds
It comes with a 6 inch down rod
The fan has premium materials construction
The fan fits the outdoors or large indoor spaces


Considering this fan has three blades style, it is super loud when working which can be irritating.

5. Westinghouse Lighting 7800300 Jax Modern Industrial Style Ceiling Fan

If you are looking for a ceiling fan that can work in your office, this right here is a recommendable model of a ceiling fan. The fan has three blades with each measuring 56 inched to give quick and large surface airflow. You can also install this ceiling fan at homes around the living room or master bedroom with a size of 360 feet square.

The ceiling fan has a powerful motor that works at high speed of 240 RPM. This fan has an energy-efficient LED light in the middle that works at 60 watts to add light illumination to large rooms. This is a durable ceiling fast since it has premium materials crafting.


The fan is easy to install to the ceiling
The fan also provides great illumination in the room
The ceiling is perfect for large rooms.
The motor works at a reasonable speed.
The fan comes with a long term warranty


The fan has switch control instead of a remote

6. Emerson CF765BQ Ceiling Fan with 4 Speed Wall Control and 60-Inch Blades

What stands out on this fan is the barbecue finish that blends with any room finish or area you install it. Due to the size of the blades and the number of blades, the fan is fit for individual use or installation in extra-large rooms in the house. Controlling the speed and operation of this fan is easy since comes with a remote.

Also, with a blade size of 60 inches, this fan works at a high speed and can blow air at large spaces as well. The fan is reliable to install in rooms with high ceilings since it comes with a 6-inch downward rod for suspending the fan to lower spaces.


This fan has a unique finish
The fan has high volume airflow to fit large rooms
Installing to the ceiling is easy and straightforward
The fan has a remote for smooth control from anywhere


This fan is quite expensive and the down rod is sold separately

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